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  1. This is a terrible idea. Groups would be fine staying at where they are or being decreased by 2 to be 40 max. Your group limits will kill role-playing communities, where police/fire/ems groups barely get above 10 on average.
  2. Agreed. I have nothing wrong about offline IMs. Personally, I don't get many of those anyways so whatever at this point. The groups though could of been handled differently. LL has AWS on its way, which will help with making things better and cheaper for LL if done right. That said, it would of been a touch more reasonable for LL to reduce basic group count down to 40, and increase premium group count to 80. Yes, basic still gets a decrease, but its not a major one. And premium gets a bit more punch to it being valuable. Even without server upgrades, you have ALOT more basic membership accounts then premium. The 2 count decrease would EASILY offset the bigger increase for premium group count, and wouldn't really shaft basic users all too much.
  3. While I agree, that it is an issue that store owners somewhat force/cohort users into joining their groups, its not as big as an issue as in General. I am a basic account. I was also an Estate Manager for a role-play sim. That can average between 8-10 groups just for that 1 place. Then you have to add on the places I want to frequent, that require specific group for land/rez rights. I am also a mod in 2 social groups. There are also beneficial groups for role play that I am a part of. All of that said, the current 42 group cap is filled up pretty fast. And I am only a member of 1, maybe 2 store groups. EDIT: And take this with a grain of salt I suppose. I know that it is a very select minority of Store Owners that do the whole force/cohort thing, so while I say its an issue, it isn't a major issue or one that should be causing any sort of problems. I agree with posts above and below this one, that store groups can be beneficial. Both from an interaction stand point, and a commerce stand point.
  4. Dunno about you, but I don't pay premium. Its not worth it. Which is why I am peeved about the basic membership reductions, that literally make no sense other then to be petty in an attempt to make Premium look better then it actually is. Will I still be here? Yes, of course. But I won't be spending nearly as much money as I have been when it comes to purchasing things off of the marketplace.
  5. Tell Linden Labs that.... Doubt they will listen though. It pretty apparent that they don't give a damn about the bigger picture of it all, and care little to nothing about the Second Life commerce other then lining their own pockets, and hurting all the common people in the process.
  6. Linden Labs shot themselves in the foot and don't really care. They acquired "tunnel-vision" on the changes they want to complete, and never took a single look at the bigger picture. These changes hurt LL overall. It hurts new and upcoming merchants by shafting them with increased fees. It makes no difference to land ownership really... 20 dollar decrease in the cost? Sims are still too expensive for the more common people to obtain. The change might see an increase of 0.00001% in owners, which won't offset the lousy price decease. And it shafts those purchasing Lindens to be able to purchase anything on SL, by increasing the transaction fee and effectively giving us less money to play with. And lets not even start on the basic membership? Really Linden Labs? What was the point of decreasing the Basic Membership Group count and offline IMs. We fought over and over again to have it increased. You gave us the increase and now you are taking it away.... This is extremely petty, almost childish on your part Linden Labs. Grow up, look at the bigger picture, and realize this is the 21st century. Screwing over even your basic membership is going to completely demolish you guys in the long run if you keep up with these petty cuts.
  7. Contact the seller of the item and explain the situation to them, stating that you were double charged for the item and that you only meant to buy it one time. Most sellers will understand the situation and be willing to issue a refund ofr the item.
  8. Hello michaelhercules, If you have a different shape for each outfit, you would need to change each shape individually to the height you wish to have it set at. Example: Outfit 1 has Shape 1, Outfit 2 has Shape 2, Outfit 3 has Shape 3. You would need to change S1 for O1, S2 for O2, and S3 for O3. If you have the same shape in multiple outfits, you can change the shape within one of the outfits and it will change that shape for all outfits that the shape is a part of. Example: Outfit 1 has Shape 1, Outfit 2 has Shape 1, Outfit 3 has Shape 3, Outfit 4 has Shape 3. Changing S1 for O1 will also make the changes for S1 in O2. Same goes if you change S3 for O3, it will make the same changes for S3 in O4.
  9. Hello LuviJones, Purchase history for in-world purchases are kept within the Main Dashboard, Account, L$ Transactions. They are only kept for a maximum of 32-Days, with no way of getting older transaction. You can copy and paste the transactions from there, if you want to transfer them all to one page. This will also display order made on the marketplace, and Lindens you have paid to other residents directly. Order History is kept within the marketplace website. If you click the My Marketplace at the top of the page, My Account, then Order History, it will display all Orders you made through the marketplace. You can copy and paste if you wish, but not too necessary for Marketplace Orders. Other then that, there would be no other way I could think of viewing it, other then through Google Search maybe? But highly doubtful. Hopefully this helped a bit.
  10. Hello Paskal, I'm not entirely sure if it would work, but you should just be able to go back to the Premium Membership page, and choose the billing cycle you were previously on, or currently want. If that does not work, you may just have to wait for the cancellation to process through and re-purchase Premium after your current cycle expires. Only other options then the above would to contact LL through a support ticket, Live Chat, or give them a ring and see if you can talk to them about disabling the cancellation process.
  11. Log out, clear cache and cookies from your web browser, log in and try again maybe? Seems like a long stretch but it might help out.
  12. Hello Unseelie. Give the link below a look over and see if you are able to resolve your problem with that link. If not, comment back here and we can see what we can do. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Voice-chat-FAQ/ta-p/700171#Section_..3.1
  13. Nope. Best thing you can do probably is once they join, go ahead and mute their text and voice communications on the group. They may be able to receive notices still, but you won't have them talking in the group at all. Not sure, if that's exactly what you would like, but it is the best solution I see out there, without having to put a charge on the group.
  14. Hello Jasa. I know for sure you can turn off the offline IMs going to your email quite easily. All you would need to do is goto your preferences, and then under Communications tab, uncheck the "Send IM to email" box. As for group notifications going to your email, as of now, I beleive you can uncheck the "receive notices" box under the group it self. This should stop your email from being spammed too much by SL. I will be sure to look into it to see if you can just shut off group notices to email only, without having to mute the group notices on SL all together. If someone else has a solution to this, feel free to post it.
  15. Hello Phoibus. In answer to your question/issue, the way your avatar has been acting it perfectly normal. Holding down the spacebar is like holding down the brakes in a car. The spacebar is meant to slow down your avatar movement, or while jumping, keeps you suspended in air for a certain amount of time, before slowly making your way to the ground. So do not worry about your client/viewer having an issue, as this even is pefectly normal within Second Life. ^^
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