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  1. What ever happened to SL sharing with us the latest quarerly market updates for the grid? You remember? The ones that would tell us about commerce, Linden transactions, world size and how these metrics are growing or changing? Is there some reason why Linden Labs does not want to share this with us anymore?
  2. Wow. And all this time I was limiting myself WOo HOO!
  3. Today im able to make megaprims in world and edit existing megaprims wihout them shrinking to 10x10 Did the start allowing them?
  4. Same here! I loaded a new item into my magic box.......came to marketplace and started the SYNC. As I started refreshing and paging through my items they all turned pink saying item unvavailable. I went back in world and reset my box and tried again. Nothing I rezzed my magic box in a new region, reset, synced again...Nothing.
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