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  1. Mainland roads are in general perfect for exploring from horseback, car, bike, pod etc 🤠
  2. Right now its Quartz, a singer songwriter, but for many years it was HarleykillerNL. A great guitarman who is no longer with us
  3. This one is playing on repeat on Youtube right now...Very catchy with Beach Boys/ the Beatles/ Jellyfish vibes. Luv it!
  4. Nope ,they are staring at this thread, shocked! 😲 🤭
  5. To own/rent land are in many ways similar to own rent a house or apartment in RL. You dont want unknown people randomly lurking in your garden or outside your door. Its creepy in RL, so why wouldnt it be also in SL? But yes, that landowner reacted overly dramatically. Its easier to set up an orb, covering the private altitude only, and make the rest of the land open. The "guest" will be informed about trespassing and will be given x seconds to leave. Easy peasy, no interaction/communication needed. The orb is doing the job
  6. As an old gearhead, I love the slower cruising speed...plus the surroundings getting time to rezz 😎
  7. Finally a fun thread....*fetching pop corn and a comfy chair* 🤪
  8. Thank You, Little Me! Im not a blog reader on daily basis so i miss some info!
  9. I have been trying to find more info about it, but cant find anything that says we are going to pay for the names. Where did you read that Chic?
  10. Back in 2010, me and my friend were driving mini hotrods across the grid. The sitpose had a hiccup and...ooh the shame..........
  11. I thought London City was a newbie friendly place...... Jekb, there are lots and lots of other warm and welcoming regions in SL, even for residents less than 30 days old
  12. Typing in wrong IM box can be a huge cringe moment too, depending on "topic"
  13. Any food or beverage....it just makes me hungry IRL
  14. Yeah I have to double check my name signature every time
  15. This one is sooo 2009....N00b vibes indeed
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