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  1. Necro but any news on this as i have about 5000 items to ;listt lol
  2. Nice GAME, how about fixing SL and stop making something any decent builder in Sl could do already. In 2005 when i forst came to sl i was blinded by its beauty and the concept and were it was going, now i have sold my island and rent a small 2048 for a few bits and servers for my customers update.s and have moved to an open sim. Open sim is moving along nicely and dont rip me off on server price and give me 45k prims to play with. You have taken nealry 20k usd from in tier alone, not chump change, and yet its you who make demands of me, supposed to be the other way round in business. bye.
  3. I have 4 years worth of transactions. and will allways send new or replacements out. INfact only yesterday i replaced a 2 year old product which had broken. And it was amazing just how many you gather in a few years. i think i have 840,000 transactions and thats just little books not my textures or objects. sure i am not the biggest by far but its alot.
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