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  1. Hi all, and thanks for comments. One point note: I was not supposing the meshes as "parameter over 7". There was some more prims before meshes introduction, handly editable by third party viewers as Emerald, Phoenix. For example: Line->Half-Circle, Circle->Hal-Circle eccetera... I did a project (a linked project) with these prims but unfortunately I discovered late at the end, that I cannot edit them by script. This means pull away a lot of done work... I did this project with the target to avoid lag (generated by sculpted prims) having good compromise of 3D aspect.
  2. Why cannot be set parameters type over 7 using lsl (the parameters over 7 are special prims created by third party viewers)? Can I hope to work with this possibility in a next future? Is there some work-around or have some secret commands already available to do it? Thanks all. Piero Spad
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