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  1. Please copy paste said PMs for all to read. *Rubs hands*
  2. With in my own limited knowledge, I find it Virtually (no pun intended) impossible for him to find out what new accounts you make. Unless of course, he has a trojan keylogger in your system. A trojan keylogger, logs all keyboard strokes, and can also mention what program or application they were captured from. This will entail, your SL chats, your SL login names (which are your new account names) and SL password to be more precise, which is more dangerous. You should also try to see, he may have logged in from your accounts as well. Anyways, with a keylogger he can keep trace...but thats the only way I can think of.... Best bet? format, reinstall OS, re-install SL, if you have dynamic ip, re aquire ip, change e-mail....maybe he'll get off your tail then..but all that is too much to ask now, isnt it? -Hunain Bellic-
  3. It maybe something simpler for example, you visiting a frequented sim with all your new accounts. This is one way I identify alts of my friends. For example, If one of my friend frequents a welcome area, and I also am there mostly, if they login with an alt, i can tell most of the times due to the following factors: 1) Style of typing ,some words spelled in a certain way, or a certain sentence structure. 2) Use of some common gestures by that person 3) A familiar clothing style, or a favourite hair style for example, that maybe worn by the alt as well. 4) Anything that is a trademark of the original and is also present on the alt can give you a fair idea of who it is. Not necessarily saying this is how your stalker finds you, but it might be so. -Hunain Bellic-
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