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  1. I hope you will use this time to do something about the abysmal sim crossings all over the grid. Unseating from vehicles is as bad or worse than it has ever been.
  2. There is definately an issue with slow loading. It is grid wide and affects more than just mesh. Scenery, buildings and objects are all loading incredibly slow. I am using firestorm 4.4.2. others around me are complaining of slow loading also.
  3. It seems i have inadvertantly fixed the problem. I recently removed the firestorm beta and went back to the release version due to other problems and the Vivox problem has not been seen since.
  4. Ever since the so-called "upgrade" of Vivox, it has been constantly crashing in windows causing me to get system crash messages. These are not crashes within the view, but within windows. It happens at least once every session and i don't recall ever experiencing it before the "upgrade". I have heard many complaints from others also concerning the degraded quality of this service. Is there nay thing i can look at to see why this happens?
  5. I have been experiencing a recurring problem on Bluesteel regions since Thursday. Upon entering the region, a large grey prim appears directly in front of me in the vehicle. This has happened in airplanes and boats. It has happened when I am driving and it has also happened to my wife when she was flying. It has also happened when i was in the passenger seat. This is always accompanied by a crash. I am unable to do anything until i relog. When it happened to me in the copilot seat, i was crashed, but my wife was able to continue to the next airport with the prim intact. I have a few of the pla
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