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  1. Last post. Here's how to find out which version of OpenGL you are running. http://gregs-blog.com/2007/12/16/how-to-find-which-opengl-version-youre-running/
  2. You can try this link, as well. I've found it useful. You probably already know, but AMD = ATI. http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/auto_detect.aspx
  3. I noticed that your graphics are configured for "OpenGL Version: 4.0.10151 Compatibility Profile Context". The latest version of OpenGL is 4.2x so I believe that you may be out of date. That is may be a Catalys or a driver issue and perhaps you can get some support from whoever sold you the laptop.
  4. I may have missed it, but did you check and see if you ATI video driver was up-to-date? They seem to be updating them frequently to handle OpenGL.
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