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    ownership transfer after sale

    I haver payment notification, it says could be 24 hours to transfer ownership, and trying to find a direct supprt link outside of forums is a nightmare lol. but ty for replying
  2. lin Evanier

    ownership transfer after sale

    hi. i purchased land at auction yesterday...do i really need to wait 24 hours for ownership to be transferred to me? money was paid immediately and i want to work on land today while i have time...it is over 20 hours now
  3. lin Evanier

    are child avis banned from adult sims

    are child avatars banned from adult sims in all instances?
  4. lin Evanier

    Event listing problem

    i am still having this problem, while i can list events, my husband cant. we have same rights, access, group tags..some of our staff can and some cant. this has been going on for a long time and is very frustrating