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  1. Hi, I'm looking to get some help to add a script to a door so that it opens and closes when touched. I have bought a few scripts on the MP but can't figure it out so I'm looking for somebody to hold my hand or to do it themselves haha. Willing to pay! Contact me in world: Quinn Reinerman Thank you!
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for a full perm script that I will include in a chair that will eject a person. The idea is once sitting, the individual will click on the chair which will bring up a menu and from this menu, the person can select small or big ejection and then it will launch the person off the chair. Feeling inspired yes, know what I'm doing, hell no. It's why I am reaching out to the professionals! I would like to have other sit poses included in the chair as well. I am willing to pay for a custom job. If you know a way around all of this, please get a hold of me: In-world: Quinn Reinerman Email: Quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Thanks a bunch, Quinn
  3. Hi everyone, I'm looking for an ejection script(s) to place in a chair I am building. I would like it to be active only when selected from a menu. I would also like to have different options for ejection, so, low, medium and high, something like that...but different options for sure. Please get in touch with me if you know how to achieve this or need more info! In world - Quinn Reinerman Email - quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Thank you! Quinn
  4. Hi, I own a home decor and furniture store in SL and I am looking for a reputable,professional and creative ad creator for new releases, events...I have been doing them all this time however, it is not my strongest skill and due to RL commitments I have less time to spend on these. Pay is based on experience. If you are interested please send me a notecard in SL to Quinn Reinerman and include links to your work such as porfolios, Flickr... You can also send info to quinnreinerman@yahoo.com. Thank you very much and look forward to hearing from you! Quinn
  5. Hi all, would anybody know if there is a resizing script out there for non-linked objects? Thanks! Q
  6. Hi, I need somebody who has the patience and know how to put men/women and couple poses and animations into a sofa I have built. I do have the avsitter and the poses for this but I have too many things on the go that I can't sit down and get this done. Please get in touch if you are very familiar with this and can help me out. You can contact me in-world Quinn Reinerman or email at quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Thanks!
  7. Hi scripters, I am looking for somebody to help me with sit poses; single and couples. I have a sofa I want to add them to, some tweaking required lol. Contact me in-world Quinn Reinerman or through email quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Many thanks, Q
  8. Hi, I am looking for somebody to texture a couple articles of clothing for me. I have the mesh models and ideas for textures. If this appeals to you and you can guarantee high quality service then please contact me. In-world - Quinn Reinerman Email - quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Thank you Q
  9. I deal with men and women fashion and furniture, therefore looking for a versatile mesh creator. Preferably somebody who can create with SLink, TMP,Maitreya and Bellezza. Please contact me at quinnreinerman@yahoo.ca to discuss more and pls have links to your work available. Thank you, Q
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a texturer for a quick job. Contact me in world or email for more info: Quinn Reinerman quinnreinerman@yahoo.com Thank you! Q
  11. Do you blog women's fashion? Men's fashion? and/or Home decor? If you answered yes to any one of these, then {Q-Essentials} is looking for you! We are expanding and looking for more bloggers. Contact Quinn Reinerman at quinnreinerman@yahoo.com to express interest. Please provide me with your blog and Flickr info. Thank you for your interest, Q
  12. I have an idea of a mesh sofa and chair set that I would like to have made. Contact me in-world for details. Thank you for your interest. Quinn Reinerman
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