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  1. Thank you for that, the owner had just logged on because I had asked someonefor help who wasn't the correct person, I had been planning on joining and it was kinda a turn off for the attack on her when she had asked nicely not to attack yet due to her still loading. and not being able to access her hud i guess. not sure on that one. you cleared up alot for me and I thank you.
  2. There that part was taken out it wasn't about the convo but the entire Hunger on Business area's. regardless of whom it is.
  3. While i was shopping for horse's a friend of mine who sells horse's and is part of the Hunger game. got killed before she could go dormate. So Since i had been looking into joining this this guy didn't pay attention or aperantly was just rude towards the horse ranch buisness. I knew they were getting ready to block off the property due to people constantly entering the parcell and killing them as they were doing buisness.   Why would Linden Labs allow Someones hard worked for buisness be threatened by these types of things. I got very mad at the person and sent this is the following descussion. Was I wrong to be so mad at the thought of this "Hunger" getting in the way of someone's Buisness regardless of if they can access the Dormant state right away or not. Please If i am wrong correct me. Cause right now I'm tempted not to join this Hunger if everyone is this rude to others in there buisness areas. after attacking her and making her crash since she had just logged on to help me with the horse ranch. this kinda upset me, as the guest. he seems to think that linden labs is responsible for the entire thing since they are the ones to say where it is alright or not. so please Explain how bombarding a buisness is alright simply to over power a sim and force the seller to crash. After stating he didn't hear her, he didn't not answer. I do not feel like i'm harassing him if he was the one that started it in the first place by coming  to a buisness where a customer was trying to buy something and was instantly met with in voice "wait dont attack. I..... where the heck where you? cant you see i'm working" then his tongue animation and that annoying sound and then she crashed. Please if anyone wishes to explain this to me please do. and also feel free to voice your own unpleasent experiances with hunger here as well.
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