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  1. I do not use a translator nor Norton but after reading Dan's post I did a test by disabling Windows Defender and it seems that everything is back in order even to reactivate Defender the problem is not reappeared. Thank you for contributions
  2. i'm not sure because all is correct with my old PC, I have the impression that there is a problem of compatibility with my new material, I will ask linden support to see. it is a gamer PC last generation surboosted can be that the viewer can not follow LOL !
  3. hi since i have changed my PC all IM are send 2 times in chat window, i have tested in aditi it's the same, i have tested with alt it's the same any ideas ? is it a system bug ?
  4. damned! I created new psd file with photoshop, error message is always displayed I created an other psd file with online translator, error is still here I uploaded any psd file on a market item and used it in my description, error message is displayed again ... It's very frustrating
  5. my PDF file is created with Microsoft Word (office 2007) , i can open it with Adobe reader but when i want create new marketplace item with field "Downloadable PDF" i receive error message : Attachment content type is not one of application/pdf i don't understand what it wants ??
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