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  1. Maria - hate to tell you - but your case sounds EXACTLY like mine!!! I had my SIM special ordered to show up in relevancy lists better - SIM named Strip Club - This week, disappeared - my club name is The Big O - if you type Strip Club in search, base don Relevancy - it no longer shows at all - if you type Big O - only my groups show - no land listings at all!! After filing my ticket this week, before unscheduled maintenance, it showed up again - both a listing for Strip Club and a listing for Big O - firs tin Search and 14th in Search under relevancy - After the unscheduled maintenance - it disappeared again - Try filing under the jira for support - that was the only option that LL gave me after numerous complaints, live chats and ticket responses.
  2. I uploaded items, edited them, then listed - only 3 in the store so far... And for some reason, I cannot find them with some very simple keywords I entered, NOR can I even find the items made by me in a Search.... when I check the status, it states that there are unassociated items in the marketplace. So, I go into the item, click the associated items button under the item name, type the name of the item i am looking for and......nothing happens... I watched the video, read the wiki and nothing I saw refers to this issue.. please help if you have any ideas of what the heck I am doing wrong! Thanks in advance!
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