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  1. Thank you for your responses. This one has been resolved. I think they must have bought the same bed, and spent time replicating the texture arrangement. Cheers Bruce
  2. Thank you for your replies, Yes - the creators name is the same on the bed I have, and the two I have found today that are owned by the sim owner
  3. Hello! Some time ago, I bought a sex bed and placed it on a sim, for use by anyone. The bed permissions say (no modify)(no transfer). The bed does not have boxes ticked for "allow anyone to copy" or "share with group". Today I have found two identical beds on the same sim, by identical I mean the same bed, but also the same combination of textures chosen (from the bed menu) for the base, the matress, each pillow, and the cover. I have calculated that there are some 353133950 possible texture combinations for this particular bed. The two beds I found today shows the sim owne
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