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  1. I have to let my region go, they have totally bungled this transfer to the cloud to a point I can not even finish a build to help pay my cost. My experience in my own region will asked me over and over to accept it, as well as all my users who have been long in the system, sensors today can not detect a key all I get is NULL the whole time the avatar I'm trying detecting is 1 meter away with the sensor set to 30, having to reset the region to get things to work every few hours now. btw the sim only has 2,600 prims out hardly any mesh objects as its a test region as my builds are experience driven, I like to add after all these years on the grid selling scripted object I really don't need SL tips from the peanut gallery that resides on the forums but hardly ever in world. I pay for a annual account for years, I pay for a region for years. LL choose to do this as a condition to their sale of the company and really it's only in testing they have tried to take a 20 year old db that run on hardware and transfer it to a cloud, SL is not a normal db, it's a grid system hopped up with php and email system. I track how many new sign ups in a day, did you know SL had -80 one day, yup 80 account canceled and 0 signed up, that is unheard of or a error. At the end of the day us the paying users are getting screwed. This drop in the bucket will be one less as I have found many more new hobbies that my skill set can fill. My last 230 a month = 2,760$ and and my account cost of 99 saving for me. my account will be closed as soon as the private region sells their in high demand seeing LL has not been able to sell one on almost a year.
  2. Nothing like bloodlines! I agree the critical replies where not based on looking at the facts on facebook and just rants they always wanted to say about games like this.
  3. Not only the name.. she has the logo,store lay out,colors and theme. It is more then a name you are using..your trying to cheat the system by using a name and logo they spent billions on over the years to make.Seems unfair to you but here in SL we like to protect our play land we all enjoy.
  4. You can not use the Walmart name,you are infringing on a trade mark name..Big time.They close you down and possibly give your information to Walmarts lawyers...
  5. There so many rules about any post that could be consider adds I fear it being taken down,that is why I did not post the links..sorry
  6. I been playing combat games in SL for years!! I have all the old and new systems...must say fun fun!! But this new game RIOT!! Not only dose it have cool system they even have a great website that informed me about all their functions!! The set up was super easy,it is compatible with all my other combat systems and weapons..best part...not only do I win ranks..I win clothing,weapons...and money!! yuppers I scored 200L in 1 day battling with my house mate in our back yard!! you only have to have land that object entry is on or any combat sin with the same setting and BOOOM!! you in the zone!! I found it on market place i was looking for other combat systems add ons and stumble across it!! They also have a group you can chat in and find other RIOT owners to battle with!! I did not have to join a combat group or sim or pay extra fees for other objects to keep battling!! I am sooo happy with my new fine!! There a lot of rules these days on what you can and can not post,not wanting to break the rules I just let you search Theg0t (a a zero not a O) in sl search or market place and find it your self. Look me up if you want to battle!! my house mate can not log in much and the game is new..due to my odd sl times I am finding my self a little lonely for battle!! ( and i want to win more stuff!!!)
  7. nvm figure it out TouchMeLongTime(string K1) {list GG = ["34","33","27","26"]; integer i = 0; integer end = llGetListLength(GG); for (; i<end; ++i) {if(K1==llList2String(GG,i)){MENU("MAIN");}} duno if its the right way...but its working ....
  8. So I have a hud that works off llTouchFaceST and it returns the integer values of each vector 1 2 3 4 as you touch the face. I have then filtering threw a function I made TouchMeLongTime(string K1){ if(K1=="3"){MENU("MAIN");}} at times i have many values in a row if(K1=="3"){MENU("MAIN");} if(K1=="4"){MENU("MAIN");} if(K1=="5"){MENU("MAIN");} if(K1=="6"){MENU("MAIN");} if(K1=="7"){MENU("MAIN");} if(K1=="8"){MENU("MAIN");} how can I make it do a bunch in a row? example no matter what I push (1 threw 8) it knows to preform my event if its press on any of those vectors(1 threw 8). if(K1=="1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8"){MENU("MAIN");} I kow above would not work but I was hoping it explain what I am trying to do.I just like to cut down the string amount by being able to group sections of the face to preform 1 event with out having a string for every vector in that section.
  9. That is how they designed it. Look at it from a user that agree to a TOSS when you came in the door and not from a tech side.
  10. goto your anti fun wear and flag second life from being monitor by it,when you turn on a stream you are direct connecting to a server and the anti virus is reacting thinking your computer is being forced to connect to a service.
  11. So today I ran into a girls only lesbian club/mall Personally I find a theme like this  and to ban a user over gender of their avatar is counterproductive to a social network, face it you might as well say No black AVs,No white AV and so on.It is racial prejudice to pre judge a person by the outside and not the content with in. So I tp to this club as it has a lot of people and I am here to be social :D On tp in every one is nice,a lot of people and good music.Freindly staff greeted me and the DJ was playing request.OK so maybe I am wrong? LOL...WRONG...I hate to type ,it is a real pain in my butt and I rather use the mic,People acted like I was almost being rude if I told them to turn on their mic I hate to type.The only people on the Mic was my self and the DJ....67 people in this sim and 65 of them all had some reason they never use a mic..I am sorry but I find all that to be a bunch of BS.A mic cost 8 dollars at wal mart.... In SL I have been to a few gay clubs,every one was nice.It was male and female open to any one that wanted to have fun.I do not get this whole fake lesbian thing...
  12. Sexy Mama's & Mommy Inc Maternity shop. One of my favorite lucky chair spots when my husban and I choose to have a SL baby .
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