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  1. I bought some of the mesh clothes at Jane and I have to say they are fantastic. However, the Linden viewer allowing you to see mesh is just terrible. When Firestorm Beta was released I changed from Phoenix to that and what a wonderfrul viewer Firestorm is. Things rez quickly, lag is minimal, customisition of the interface is easy and - despite still looking like the hateful Viewer 2 - it's the most stable viewer I've ever used. I installed LL's Viewer 3 specifically to try the mesh clothes at Jane, but as soon as I logged in on Viewer 3 (and yes - in advanced mode) it was like I was being ha
  2. Whilst I have nodded in agreement with many of the postings here, Wilma's post is the one I'm in most agreement with, especially concerning the way the Phoenix team offer support and deal with problems with their viewers. The first thing I noticed when I joined the Phoenix group was the general behaviour of those asking for help; making suggestions for changes, or expressing concerns about things they like or dislike about the Phoenix viewers. There isn't the same exasperated attitude we find here in the forums and the main reason for that is that Phoenix users know they are being listened to
  3. 16-17 years: can connect to the regular grid, but are limited to PG sims, not able to see mature sims, even if these are adjacent. So it's very unlikely 16-17 year olds will visit your private mature place (at least the teens with proper age-info - the others (age-cheaters) are already talking on mature places.). Sorry Marielle, that is not correct. My friends and I met a newbie in a mature store on a mature sim. He was having problems working out the difference between skins and shapes, so we offered to help. We pointed him to stores with freebie shapes and skins and other freebie it
  4. Welcome Kim. I think SL really needs someone with your experience. I read today that the value of SL has fallen by $100 million, and the value is dropping faster since the announcement of the teen/adult grids merger. My hope is that with your gaming experience you will get out into the SL world and see it's great value as an adult playground and manage to shake up the people at the top who seem to have no clue about what the majority of people want from SL. It certainly would be nice to see SL get a bit of the polish and acclaim Guitar Hero has had. Like a few others have suggested here, mak
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