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  1. I am being threatened on sl for no reason other then a girl is upsett with me because of who i am with..this needs to stop,how do i fix it?
  2. Ok,I read everything and still cant get into play,I live in California and I have payment history
  3. for the past few days whenever i log into sl,i see myself as a cloud,my friends can see me fine..i use cool vl viewer and i have tried other viewers,all my inventory is downloaded,i have checked my graphics..im stumped in over 3 years this has never happened...hopefully someone can help
  4. Hi,I became a Premium Member last week and i still havent gotten my L's. Is there anything i can do?
  5. :matte-motes-frown: I paid 2 weeks rent on a place friday march 23rd 2012,I have IMed the sime owner many many times to get my tag so i can move in. I havent heard anything from her,this is very upsetting. Im not sure what to do. Help Plz
  6. I rented a house on march 23 2012,in the NC it says to give the sim owner 3 hours to get a tag,I have not heard any thing from her,and I want a refund,what do i do now?
  7. when i logged on this morning,i received 3 messages,1 from lovecats,1 from rawrr and 1 from mother goose. Lovecats and Rawrr ejected me saying i spammed,Mother Goose where i work told me to never spam. I didnt spam anyone,i wouldnt even know how to do it. I changed my password,but what else can be done?
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