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  1. hello i have a compaq presario pc sr5350f i went from vista home to windows 7 2 days ago i have all the driver updates and that i have cleared my cash and appdata and that i have secondlive viwer 2 and phonex fire and inprudence viwer i am on a dlink wired router the problem im having it when i click on any of the viwers it seems to want to load at first u can see the screen wear it load but dont go past wear to log in to user name or that it just stays on my screen and when i click on ctrl alt delte it says it running but its not i just see the ouside of the viewers any help on how to get it running i had no prob with sl running vista but now i got windows 7 home i cant load plz help if u can or add me ot msn or yahoo plz addys plz
  2. hello ty for the help but i dont no wear to go for the help on my pc if someone could help me plz or add me to msn or yahoo it would be great my yahoo add is djcountryboy1@yahoo.com and msn is rounds13@hotmail.com if someoen can add me ot help me out plz and ty
  3. i have windows 7 and i have all the updates and video card drivers updates an i have downloads all the viwers they seem to want to load and then they stop i dont no what to do any help would be great plz it dont give me a error mesage on nothing they seem to want to load but it dont go to the login screen or that any ideads plz
  4. hello i have a pc that has windows 7 on it home edition i have downloaded vwer 2 and i have phonex fire and inprudence i have cleared my cach an unhid the appdata folder and that when i click on one of the viwers it seems to want to load but doesnt what can i do to fix it i have all the vidieo card updates and that any ideas on waht to do plz
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