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  1. Thanks for your reply Dakota, much appreciated. If you have several full version items all linked to the same demo, is it possible to choose which of those items will be the default full version that gets linked to the demo item on the demo marketplace page? Or is it just chosen randomly?
  2. Hi there I came into some kind of glitch while trying to list a set of new items where marketplace seems to think that my fatpack is a demo item because every time I try to set a demo item it tells me a demo item can't be associated with another demo item. I've checked over and over and the price is set to 800L in both edit listing page and preview. I opened a support ticket explaining my issue and they got back saying "When editing this item, please click the "Get Full Version" link and remove the item that is currently linked to the listing. This should allow you to then link the correct demo to the correct item listing." But... I've never seen a way to manually link a full version on the edit listing page, there's only ever the 'add demo' section on the edit listing page. Marketplace always just selects a paid version randomly from products of the same name and automatically links it as the full version. Clicking 'get the full version' on the preview page simply leads to the marketplace home page since it's just a preview and not an activated item. I've never been able to manually chose and set which full version is linked to a demo. If there is a way to manually chose the linked full version that I've somehow missed for the past 3 years I'd love to know. I replied with this to my support ticket but 3 weeks later I've not heard back and the ticket remains at 'being processed' status. Any ideas would be appreciated! Is there a way to manually set full version to a demo myself? Or was that just nonsense? I'm thinking I might have to just delete the item, relist it and try over.
  3. hi there, Have temporarily moved in with my parents and while SL log in was fine for a couple of days, it now keeps force-quitting me. It lets me log on but after a few minutes I get that greyed screen with the pop-up to view instant messages or quit. I wondered at first if it might be data usage limits on my parents' internet but my mum assures me she is signed up for unlimited internet usage. I use Firestorm viewer, but tried Catznip to check if it was a viewer problem but the same occurred. I was able to stay logged in using the text based Metabolt viewer. Any ideas anyone please?
  4. Well most of it is, but not all. Example in pic: http://i.imgur.com/LxQpzKv.png You can see, the letter 'a' shows up but not the letter 't' which gets replaced by little boxes, even though both are from the same script text (I think it's called script text anyway?). No idea why this happens, it used to all show fine without any problems but now it don't? Like sometimes I see someone and their display name is mostly the little boxes :matte-motes-crying: Anyone know why and if there's a way I can fix this? Incidentally, when I try to change my own display name, like a lot of script text aint allowed and it won't let me change it even though I see other peeps with the same text?! :matte-motes-angry:
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