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  1.  BSI Pictures presents ... Death Picks a Winner May 9–30, 2016 What killed the mayor-elect before he could take his oath of office? What happened to the missing newsboy? And could there be a monster loose in old New Toulouse? One plucky investigator (that's you) attempts to learn the truth … before it's too late! Event info Teleport to start New Toulouse is an early 20th-century Louisiana community celebrating its eighth year in Second Life.
  2. They're doing scheduled Marketplace maintenance right now: http://status.secondlifegrid.net/2015/12/02/post2684/ A side effect does seem to be a semihilarious error message every time one teleports anywhere; it's a popup message as follows: The transaction with the Marketplace failed with the following error: Reason: 'Bad Gateway:'
  3. Have you ever bought anything from the Marketplace? If not, buy an item (even a freebie), and after it's delivered, try making your listing again.
  4. Try changing your bald cap—it looks like a little hairdo icon in your inventory and often comes with prim hair or skins.
  5. You need to purchase something sent by direct delivery before you can upload. Find a freebie item that is direct delivery, buy it, and then see if your items will upload.
  6. Another option, assuming a certain amount of trust on the part of your client, would be for the client to invite you to their land group. Then when you rez the plants, set them to group (not deed!) and also click the Share box underneath the group setting on the top page of the edit window. This will not transfer ownership, but it will allow the client to move the objects around if needed.
  7. Open the person's profile, click the little gear icon in the upper right, and select Permissions from the dropdown menu. Make sure "See me on the map" is checked, and hit Save.
  8. If you own the island, go to World-->Region/Estate-->Environment and choose the settings you want people to see. If you own only the parcel, set a landing point and route teleports to it (About Land-->Options), then rez a transparent, phantom prim at the landing point with a greeter script inside—something like this: default { state_entry() { llVolumeDetect(TRUE); } collision_start(integer num_detected) { integer i = 0; while ( i < num_detected) { if (llDetectedType(i) & AGENT) llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(i), "Welcome, " + llDetectedName(i) + "! Please set your sky to sunset."); ++i; } } }
  9. Thanks for posting this. My three are on the main channel, and I was just sitting around and waiting for my restart monitors to email me. But it looks like they're all still there, and they haven't restarted.
  10. Sounds like your object's root prim is the dance floor. Try making part of the DJ booth the root prim instead. But you should be aware that attachments are automatically set phantom, so no one will actually be able to dance on your floor—they'll just fall right through and look like they're wading through it. Your best bet is to remove the floor and walls and just go with a wearable DJ booth.
  11. Dropped price to L$9,950 (L$2.5/m). Please come and look! It's a nice area, but I need to tier down. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cilix/28/154/28
  12. Protected roadside land with ocean access, on scenic Atoll Coast Road, Heterocera Atoll. 3984m (911 prims), L$11,952 (L$3/m) OBO. Contact Nikita Weymann with any questions. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Cilix/28/154/28/
  13. Have you tried editing it in your Web browser? You will need to be logged in on the site. Here's a link to your profile on the Web: https://my.secondlife.com/kavoom.voom
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