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  1. Sometimes I think the outfit just does not look right without them.
  2. Venus Petrov wrote: Breaking news of 5 August is heralded on 11 August? LR, is this a union action you are taking by reporting nearly one week late? I had to wait to find people brave enough to use it before I knew that it was being called Viewer 3.0 there is nothing on Wiki about it being called that. 
  3. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: Here is to hoping that viewer 3 comes with an all-new interface. I'm sure that LL has asked a representative number of residents and builders for feedback and implemented the UI that we've all been waiting for. I mean, that would be the sensible thing to do, right? Did you really just use the word sensible when referring to LL? :smileyvery-happy:
  4. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: Yay! - If only they'd thought of changing the number sooner. .... Hey... that means we need another forum for Viewer Two Death Watch 2011 It does seem like that would be a popular thread maybe you could start it over on the Second Life Viewer Forum. I would do it but I don't do obituaries. 
  5. That is right in the very near future Viewer 2 will be a thing of the past. The new Project Viewer rolled out on August 5th is Viewer 3.0 The Mesh Project Viewer. So all of you that were hoping for an end to Viewer 2 development have your wish. :smileysurprised: But are you ready for Viewer 3? ETA: As of August 12th Viewer 3.0 is the official Beta Viewer.
  6. GreenBuddha wrote: LOL Well I like green as well but it dosn't come up on here well. I'm sorry to have posted this in the wrong section. But you have to admit it was so much more fun this way.
  7. GreenBuddha wrote: So who do you work for? Or is this just your own thing? I'm not recruiting, just wondering, we do other news but that's not my department. :smileyvery-happy: Well I did work for OTN (Off Topic News) but they went under so now I spend my time at GDN.
  8. Storm Clarence wrote: LiveReport wrote: Oh thank goodness it is only you... for a minute there I thought I was getting called into work. Feel free to go about your business. Oh "goodness," how you tickled me with this post. Brilliant! Well you see I don't do entertainment reports. Only Breaking News 
  9. Oh thank goodness it is only you... for a minute there I thought I was getting called into work. Feel free to go about your business.
  10. I am on Beta 2.8.1 do you think that has anything to do with it? (it almost acts like it is 64 bit sometimes) see it is using both processors almost equal.
  11. But do you turn this up? Max number of non imposter avatars: 65
  12. look at my pic. if you only had 5GB you would crash tonight. I am using 5.09GB. :matte-motes-yawn:
  13. So all I have open is SL, this webpage, and Task Manager. How much RAM do you use? If you are wondering: Windows 7 Place: Ambrosia Avatars on the sim: 70 Max number of non imposter avatars: 65
  14. valerie Inshan wrote: Sorry, I may be dumb but who the heck is Jenna Elfman? She was the star of this show.
  15. Ceka Cianci wrote: when i B rollin down the road thinkin bout gettin Mah game on..i be doin it stylin wiff my swagger waggon hook up as My Be boy BF keeps the eyes on the road lookin not to rock mah lap top moves laggin me out n shiat.. i be Gamin this mofo like a tru **bleep** games it..don't be fronin mah back side callin it anything else when i come rollin by swaggin..the wagon Oo IT B IN THE GAME!!! OMG! My new role models! I always thought my mini van was bad, now I knows it is.  ETA: or is it dope?
  16. I thought my interest pulled up some interesting people:
  17. Me? Nothing I made my main buy me everything and she is too embarrassed to come on this thread and talk about how much she spends. :smileytongue:
  18. The gossip is getting hot in here.
  19. Yes Sulla I have seen a lot of people complaining about usernames and about the Viewer 2 interface but the new viewers do have some awesome features. I am not asking to go back to Viewer 1 or anything I just want to know if we can just add a space as an option. So we can use numbers, letters and spaces to improve creativity. 
  20. Venus Petrov wrote: But...but....we *like* your name! /me smiles at Venus and wonders if /me really needs a space after all.
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