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  1. The last day a post was made on the Second Life Profile Feeds was 4 Days ago. It is believed that a Drama Loving Character from the old General Discussion Forum purposefully killed the Profile Feed to bring Drama back to the Forum, increase ratings,  sale more ads, have something to do while eating popcorn, and enjoy seeing all the Feed Lovers pull there hair out! This is an ongoing investigation please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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  2. What happened to all my old post when the new forum was created. Other avatars had all their stuff migrated to the new forum but my post are missing. Google search show they were once there... but all the link are broken is there any way to get my stuff back?



  3. Kelinda wrote:

    DejaHo wrote:

    Keli Kyrie wrote:

    DejaHo wrote:

    ZoeTick wrote:


    I wish all the other recalcitrant recidivists would return.

    Me too.  I hate when the voices go away. 


    Why would you want
    all those crazy voices
    back in your head?

    Because they're crazy.

    This is turning out to be a great party. 

    Who are you calling crazy... I only do totally rational things!

    I think he was talking to you !

  4. Testing... 1, 2, 3, 4,,,, Hello I got a tip that there was going to be a big news story breaking on the Deshima sim so I am here testing the equipment... so far it seems quiet around here.



  5. Now for a News Update from the SL Feeds

    It seems that security concerns over HippieStock my not have the punch the original PM delivered. The writer of the PM has taken an about face on the role she claimed in said document.

    PLUS Peace in the Works?!?

    In a public discussion made on the SL Feeds today “L” and “S” discuss a PM that may lead to peace.

    My baby has got it (over on the feeds), and ***** was her name (that is a hint)

    This song always makes me happy when people are fighting. :)


  6. In a statement made on Second Life Profile Feeds (a.k.a. SLums) Rodvik Linden announced that last names will most likely being coming back early next year.  Quote: “Last names under active discussion. We are trying to figure out how to do it in a way which would be excellent rather than just okay.” This is one reporter that hopes the option of having the last name “Report” is one of the excellent features.


    The Report Post: https://my.secondlife.com/rodvik.linden/posts/4ee6a8320d42770001000e53

    SLums Feedback on Post: https://my.secondlife.com/livereport/posts/4ee6d10d0d42770001002359



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  7. tako Absent wrote:

    Ok this is so off topic but i have to ask you this. Where did you get your hair? Love it! nice dress too;)

    The hair is from Zero Style and the dress is from Peqe. The thread Venus talked about is here.

  8. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote:

    <snip> Or even roleplay characters that never have to break character. =^-^= <snip> 


    I can totally agree with this point but I MUST OBJECT TO BEING CALLED AN ALT! Really how do we know that other Avi is not really the alt and I am the main? Can you tell me that? Jeeezzzzz all this name calling and on live tv too! :smileysurprised:

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