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  1. I wish you every sucess Mr Humble - Delighted at your appointment and I look forward to SL's brighter future.
  2. The Simple answer to your question is "You Dont" ! Who's going to give you a job with an attitude like that. No - I dont you ! No I dont know what "you have been through" ! No - I dont know "what your going through" !! Regardless of how you feel life has treated you - there is NO justification for your reaction !! Life is hard ! deal with it - We ALL have issues, some more than others but it doesnt give anyone ..even you.. the right to give out such a torrent of abuse!!!!
  3. In your friends list you could check the "allow to edit my objects" box. If you tust him not to steel your stuff (because according to these forums, everyone is always trying to ), then he will be able to move them around like they are his own, but you will still get the money.
  4. HI, I've recently created a new group, and although I have "show in the search" checked, when I search for it, it says " We're sorry: This item's privacy settings prevent us from showing you any further details about it. Please hit "Back" and try another link." Any Ideas how to solve this? Thanks
  5. Have you tried running 2 viewers at the same time. You would have to log in with a Alt Av and your own and film via the Alt. That way your Alt will hear everyones voice including yours, just as the others hear you, and at the same time. You will need to change the name of the file in the "Properties" tag of the SL viewer on your computer to " - multiple" at the end. I dont have access to mine right now so can't give you the exact walk through but I'm sure someone will do, or if not Torley has a video walk through on his knowledge base stuff of how to run multiple viewers. Other than that - not sure how else you could do it due to the output issue that someone mentioned.
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