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  1. Hey guys! 


    I'm just throwing this line out to see where it goes!

    Okay, so! I have the bento head Catya by Catwa, and in my store have only really been able to make shapes to sell for this one head.. however!! I really want to start branching out to everyone who may have the Kimberly and Lilo heads and then after that move into the male heads or maybe just work on shapes for all others (except catwa) BUT i obviously do not want to buy all these heads as i personally do not have the need for them in my inventory! 




    My thinking is to use the demos to create them and find some of you lovely people who do own them to model them for me! 

    anyone possibly interested, please NC me in-world (Isadora Corral) ... I may or may not start making them sooner rather than later depending on if i can find people to model for me... 


    thanks for reading and hope to hear from you lovelys soon!

    <3 Isa. 

  2. So, over the years ive tried different ways of displaying my items in-world... and years ago I did just the clothing on hangers PNG type deal... worked great... however!!!! I want to do a mix of that and worn on avi displays( which is what ive been doing) and for some reason I keep getting this ring or border of color around the clothing on the PNG... I will post a picture with this post... 


    I for the life of me cant figure out what's happening! i never had this problem before nor can i figure out any way of fixing it... I've tried different windlights, different graphics settings, and different tools in PS... 


    if anyone had any idea of whats going on or how to fix it, ANY AND ALL feedback would be SO helpful!! 





  3. Well, I'm asking about them for tattoos... I have all the kits... but i guess ill just use the system avatar templates until i find something better. hahah. I mean they work... but like I have Genesis Lab templates FROM Genesis Lab. So the fit is SO much better. :/

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  4. Does anyone know if there are any templates for the Maitreya Lara body? Been trying to make textures for appliers and I mean it works alrighttttttttttt with the regular system templates but just looking to see if there is anything more specific to the body. 




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  5. Working on making my own meshes is going to take a lot of time.. so, in the mean time I am looking to go back to something I love and enjoy doing... skins... Now, with all these mesh appliers and/or avatars... does anyone even still use regular skins? is it even worth the work put into them? Also, if all I need to do is make skin appliers, how would I even go about it? I took a break from SL for a bit and it's like math... you miss one day and you have no idea what's going on! 


  6. Wow! Tons of info. :)) and yes I have been watching a lot of YouTube.. I guess I just go wrong somewhere?:/

    But I'm going to keep trying and working with new things. I'm just right now trying to make little things like decor, just to learn the program's better. Thanks so much :)


  7. I've been trying for ahwhile... I want to create my own to sell in my store. I'm over using others full perm meshes.. I just simply can not figure out blender... weighting.. rigging... none of it. haha I made a few things in sketchup hpwever they simply didnt work and if they did... texturing was an absolute no go. any and all help would be so wonderful. 

     side note.... do people still use mesh clothing, considering all the appliers?

  8. Well, how I was thinking is like how private event was before it closed. 

    set up a store front 

    then have like contracts with desingers but each only have limited prims for a certain amount of time 


    if that makes sense. hahah

    if i were to do it, there would be a lot of pre planning 

    and hopefully a partner 

  9. Where people rent out space 


    cut profits with me as the owner 

    maybe like 20/80 


    pId be looking for hair,clothing, shape, skin, etc. desingers to have their items up in the store and every week or two change the items out


    im still in the thought process and just trying to see if anyone would be interested. 


    THANKS!! :)

  10. If anyone remembers Private Room Event, I am looking to start something sort of like that.... One building, a vip group and a members group with merchants willing to sell things at a discounted price and split the profits ( obviously with the merchant getting the majority or the proceeds)


    I was just posting this here to see if anyone would be interested in being a partner or maybe an investor in something of these sorts and I can either move forward or forfeit the idea. 


    Reply or IM me in world if you'd like to discuss thisss! 

    Isadora Corral:heart:


  11. trying to list my outfits and other clothing for sale.. however when i go to upload an image.... I click the button to choose a image  over and over and nothing happens. anyone know whats going on?

  12. Hello everyone,

    I have been ( for months) trying to sell on marketplace.... However....


    Right after I started it took all my skins down and said the maturity ratings needed to be set to adult... So I changed it, relisted the items, and a few days later.... all my items where gone again but no reasoning for it. 

    So I stopped trying to sell on it and recently decided to again... I made my first outfit and listed it... NOW it's gone too, no reasonings. 


    Anyone know what's up?

  13. The Dirty Nightclub is hring ALL staff.

    We are looking for smoking djs!

    Hot host(ess) 

    And lastly, those sexy dancers.


    Dj's make 100% tips when using their own tipjars, everyone else makes 90% tips.

    We have about 5-6 Poles dor the dancers, which high quality dances in them


    We also offer games, spolders, contests, and more.

    Please contact me, Isadora Corral, for an app.  We'd love to have YOU in our family today :)

  14. The Dirty is a Nightclub and Escort lounge. When hired at The Dirty as either a dancer or escort, you are also required to rent one of our add boards to promote yourself as well. Right now we are currently looking for the following;Dancers, Escorts, Hosts, and a few Djs Please contact Isadora Corral BY NOTECARD for more information on jobs as well as to get an application if interested. 
    We are not just a strip/escort club, we are also a fun nightclub and offer the following;
    Ladies Night: All the ladies can come in, use our stages and poles to make a little extra cash without being an employee. However, you must use our tip jars. 
    We also offer; Themed Events, Trivia, Truth-or-dare, contest,dancing, and more. 

    We have a few small rental shops for only 95L$ a week. These shops are 25 prims and your shop can contain as you wish because we are an adult sim. on top of that we also offer cheap ad boards for you to advertise your business.
    Come by and take a look, we love the company ;)


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