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  1. on verifying again Lozlo you need to know that LL does not save your personal information, except: ADULT/ NON ADULT The organization that has your information on file is aristotele. If for example a 17 year old age verifies that resident should be able to verified as an 18 year old and switch the settings that LL saves to ADULT however, adult verification does not mean that a resident gains access to all adult content on the grid. Thats what this thread was started with Larah
  2. thank you so much for your helpful posts it would however be a pity if this helpful thread would end up in a thread about definitions: to circumvent misunderstandings about definitions, I refer to the wonderful graph http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/File:Land_entry_flowchart.jpg according to the graph a resident that is adult verified has access to sims that are only open for adult verified residents. That is not always the case. In other words: 'are you banned on estate level -No' - 'is payment restriction on -No' - 'is age verification on estate level on - No' - 'region maturity is compared to your preferred maturity -Yes' - 'are you banned-No' - 'Is payment restriction on parcel level on- No' - 'Is age verification on parcel level on-Yes' - 'are you age verified-Yes'- 'you may enter': MAYBE yes, maybe not I agree that the terms are confusing, in that the adult access requirements are now and then called 'age verification' and 'adult verification'. To circumvent that confusion I avoid the term 'age verification', since only an 'age verification' that proves a resident is an adult is granting that adult resident access. Adult residents who verified their adult age with aristotele and who set their preferences to PG, Mature, Adult can access some sims, some they cannot. Every Owner of a Sim/ Estate manager who restricts access to 'verified adults only' can can get confirmation of that problem with a simple 3- step procedure: step 1: meet the resident who claims that he/she is successfully verified and has set his/her preferences correctly in a sim that this resident can go to and make sure it is restricted to adult access on the sim level. If the resident can join you the settings must be correct step 2: untickmark the adult restriction on YOUR sim, and teleport the resident into your sim step 3: activate the adult restriction on your sim again and watch how the resident is ejected with these three steps you can make sure that it is only this one tickmark that made the difference. With this easy standard procedure everyone can access the problem and we avoid definition problems in this thread I hope it helps *hugs* Larah
  3. thank you for this thread, lord darkmatter: I fully agree! The procedure is complicated enough as it is: 1. The data base on aristotele may be huge, but as expected they do not have every citizen in the world on file.Some residents need to send in a copy of an ID and a utility bill via a ticket to Linden Lab, despite most IDs in many country being proof of the adress of a citizen. Linden Labs verify in due time, which is helpful. 2. The next hurdle to get into adult rated Sims is activating adult content in the preferences -> general ->search for:pg, mature, adult content Once both is done, these residents have access to a multitude of adult sims and get them in search as well. However I was baffled when they were unable to come to MY sim, despite them being verified adults and being able to give me details of other adult sims from the search function, my sim was still not available to them, although I only activated 'adult' as the only rating that could stop anyone from visiting it. to make SURE its only the adult setting that stops adults who can VIEW adult content in search that stops them from coming to my sim, I deactivated the adult setting, tped them in...and on reactivating it again they were ejected... Now as far as I know only verified adult residents can see adult places in search. Why is it still not possible that they tp into my sim, even after having taken the first two hurdles successfully?? Generally the procedure is already too complicated, as even payments made by credit card do not verify. However only adult rating of a sim protects the sim owner against possible minors witnessing whatever may be seen by residents of a country we do not even know the law of, and about what qualifies as adult content: While in the US a visible bare breast may be rated 'adult content', in some oriental country that may already apply to a female unveiled face. In denmark a bare breast would most certainly not be seen as X- rated. No one can guarantee a perfect supervision of all public chat or voice in a sim making sure it has no violent or sexual content. The only way to stay safe as a sim owner is setting the sim to 'adult' no matter what the content may be. However I too have witnessed verified adults being unable to come and see my sim, as if the underlying permissions were different from adult sim to adult sim. Like 90% of the sims we offer content for residents to enjoy, however I can t get rid of the impression the permission system is faulty. *hugs* Larah Oh
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