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  1. Social, is the most important aspect of this game. I've looked through the list of User Groups and see a distinct focus on the Technical (Viewer 2, Markeplace, scripting, etc.). What I don't see is a discussion of the Social and it's importance. The closest might be the Adult (Zindra) and Teen issues, but again, these will likely be focussed on the technical (content and access). People come to SL to socialize. How people are gated into the game and initially socialized is critical for retention. They come to the game to meet others and while they can do any number of activities (buildin
  2. New Resident walk, though...I can tell. Hit a Welcome Area and get recommendations and help on a "real AO."
  3. Wow, There's lots missing like Inventory and Lindens and being able to customize your avatar, but, this is flat-out impressive. I was able to fly around, use camera controls, and really did feel like I was in SL on a decent portable, watching myself on an LCD projector. Needs voice, but for getting folks in for business or conferences, or for attending live SL events, this is slick and easy. I'm deeply impressed. Thanks.
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