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  1. see i hav a nvidia driver and ATI but still its the same other games r running but not secondlife den second life should also run i thinl
  2. and lolz i didnt removed the mother board i removed only the graphic card
  3. i mean i removed my graphic card from the mother board so dat my computer dont hang.....n yeah my graphir card was nvidia geforce 8400 gs......after dat my computer was working properly but sl didnt work
  4. i was using a graphic card for sometime but my computer wa gettig hanged again and again so i removed it......wen i started sl it got a message called pheonix is enable because your drivers did not start properly........ n so on......i dont want a graphic card but i want sl to run even i installed nvidia video card driver but its still not working........ any help ????????
  5. i use phoenix and my inventory is half lost by 3 days. i tried clearing cache n logging in a protected land but its still the same. can anyone help me??:matte-motes-not-even::matte-motes-sour::matte-motes-not-entertained::smileymad: * nah i havnt talked to anyone n rlly i couldnt get it back?? yeah i did all u told valeri
  6. my partner has a mama hud n i dont can i still be pregnant?? n how??
  7. i am a vampire in sl and i tried to be pregnant many times even bought a hud but its still not working.............
  8. can anyone help me by telling me how can i get an alt?
  9. but nothin if shown in my screen that i a pregnant butin my husbands screen yes........what will be the reason of that??
  10. i goty pregnant once long tym back but that was a mistake now my husband wants the baby of ours and i cant tell him the truth.....solution plz.....
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