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  1. I wasn't asking for answers. I was pointing out that the maths of the changes mean you are getting a lot less for your money than before the tier increase, and Moira had replied to me. I don't know what the relevance of your statement was.
  2. The last year it was a no-brainer to go premium rather than pay rent, and it's still better than paying tier at low levels, yes, but it's much more expensive than it was before they made any changes, and I feel that can't be something they were unaware of. Having persuaded my friends of the value of going premium, and it only costing them $1 a month or essentially 250L a week to own their own 1024, I now feel a bit of a tit.
  3. The simple maths of this increase. The main financial benefit of a premium account is to own land without paying tier. A premium account cost $72 a year.. The stipend of L300 per week is approximately $60 a year. So the cost of a prem account was $12 a year. That meant it cost about $1 a month to have 1024 sq m of land (before last year, $1 a month to have 512). Increasing the charge to $99 means it now costs $39 (99-60) for what did cost $12. That's a three-fold increase. That is absurdly high. It is now around $3.25 for 1024 sq m of land - that's $1.62 for 512, so more than a 50% increase on the price it was before the amount of tier was doubled last year. Essentially the "tier doubling" last year appears to be just a set-up to obscure this price increase, as I am now getting less for my money than I was before it happened. Just saying.
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    Thanks for that, it looks like the question has already been suggested there.
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    Does anyone know what's going on with auctions,? is there any way to buy land that is currently marked as being for auction?
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