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  1. i haven't mentioned name of suspended account, because with it i cant post here i cant log in world i cant open my dashboard i cant open live chat i cant do nothing! Trust me, in my first profile was written "payment info used" with about 1350 days if this was your doubt.Yes im an alt, and the question is: what is happening is normal? in what concerns the way you write, you seem to be irritated by something, and do not understand why. was written just like on your profile "payment info used"
  2. Alec, read in my profile -----questo è un alter---- means "this is an alter", my first account is not available and not visible in search -.-"
  3. This is a bit frustrating because I do not know why it happens. I had already included, photo id card (for a previous suspension for the Same Reason) manual age verification, and credit card informations to become a premium. 13yo kid, sure, but if all this does not help them to Understand who am i. .... maybe who have to use this period to reflect isn't luca giordano but LL.
  4. Sorry,my account is suspended for ID confirmation, for the second time -.- Violation: Terms of Service: Identity Confirmation Quoting from Terms of Service 2.1: (but text is from 3.1) "You agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form ("Registration Data") and maintain and promptly update the Registration Data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete ... Linden Lab reserves all rights to vigorously pursue legal action against all persons who misrepresent personal information or are otherwise unt
  5. why premium account members can't resolve their problems in live chat when their account is suspended? I've tried to call technical support and they told me to open live chat but i can't do it because my account was suspended. I also pay to be supported and, when i need it, it doesn't happen?
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