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  1. Hello Pandoria, I am the COO of a production and modeling agency. We organise fashion shows and shoots on behalf of clients and have a wide spectrum of models on our books. Most of our models are certified and have attended some form of training within SL and all have been veted by us before being taken on. I am also a model in SL and have several years experience. I am unsure if my style of modeling is what you are looking for, but feel free to check out my resume and flickr page and perhaps I could help you out directly. Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FtEtwD8QBPH5kp9284pzjGsvCY0pDlRvfZdZyPgmCZg/edit?usp=sharing Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/people/fadfashiondesigns/ Alternatively if you are looking for more of a variety, I can put on my agency hat and I am sure we would be able to find you a model(s) to suit your needs. Can I ask that you contact me in-world either via IM or notecard and we can discuss your requirements further. I look forward to hearing from you Jude Tatham
  2. I have tried everything to remove the simulator remove notification I keep getting, could anyone please help. Thanks!
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