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  1. I never usually wear makeup in SL so this is VERY different for me!
  2. Thank you!! For such an oldie, I'm such a noob 🙄
  3. I have this problem in RL and live in mens Doc Martens. Not quite as tough and stompy as those though! 🙂
  4. Sorry quotes wrong person. How do I delete a post?
  5. Today my av looks like this. This is the girl that NEVER does pink! 😂
  6. Hey Matt...I've not long returned to SL like you. I'm in England so not sure how our times will match up but I'll add you:)
  7. Thank you so much Madelaine. I did just that and have just received an email to confirm it has been sorted and credited to my account. Thanks again
  8. Ok, so I placed an order for Lindens using Limit Buy for the first time ever. I payed through Paypal which took the funds straight from my bank account. Nearly a week later the order hadn't been filled so I cancelled the order which then showed a US dollar balance of 12.90. This was yesterday. Today I went to then use these US dollars to Market Buy some lindens...I tried 4 or 5 times. Each time it didn't go through, the transaction history shows all of them as 'System cancelled' and now I have no lindens and NO US dollars either. Where did they go!? My funds have just disappeared completely!
  9. Thank you so much! I'll check them both out when I'm next inworld. Also, if anyone else finds themselves looking for the same thing, I found a place called Rainy Alley. Definitely worth a visit
  10. Thanks for you're reply. I probably didn't make myself clear in my post though. I'm not looking to buy rain, I'm looking for a sim/place inworld where it rains
  11. Could anyone please point me in the direction of any places/sims with rain? Preferably torrential with a dark atmosphere although I'll gladly check out ANYTHING similar. I've been on the search for a while but not come across anything yet.
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