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  1. thank you stella i'll give that a try.
  2. Hi, no i don't wear the default skin, i actually paid for my skin. but I cannot remove these pants that linden lab have given me.
  3. they weren't stolen property, if they were you get a message saying "there has been a report that your clothing was stolen blahj blah, here are some crappy pants to replace the ones we took" but this was saying that the database couldn't find the texture, (usually happens if the creator cancels their account after a while linden lab removes the info from the database. I have tried going to appearence and there is a little lock symbol on the pants in question, so I can't remove them
  4. Hi everyone, I have got a problem where I tried to wear some clothing and got this message saying that it couldn't be found in the database so it replaced it with the basic white ankle length pants that linden lab made. So now i have these pants that are stuck on my avatar and I cannot get them off, if i wear other pants they just go on over the top of thsee ones leaving me with white bits around the edges. I tried to contact LL about it, but they said unless i pay them they won't help me. so does anyone else know how to fix this? Thanks. 
  5. you have been hung out to try i believe this is LLs way of saying Upgrade to v2 or don't play
  6. lol just a matter of when, considering a ticket i posted 8 months ago only just got answered last night I don't hold much hope
  7. Ok, so this morning I logged onto second life only to discover that ALL of my friends had lost the permission to see me online. so I went through my entire friends list turning on the permission for them to see me. Once done i was told they still can't see me online. So i contact Linden Lab to find out whats going on. The woman i speak to tells me I have to download and install viewer 2 in order to receive support from them. ok, so I go do that, then I get told "oh, you installed the wrong version of viewer 2" I then go download the other version of viewer 2. Still my problem persists. After a lot of ummming and ahhing i get told to check to make sure I had "Only friends can see me online" not that it should make much of a difference since its my friends who can't see me online. still nothing, so now the brilliant solution Linden Labs has come up with is to Delete my entire friends list and start fresh. WTF kind of a solution is that. ugh, this i just about it, I am DONE with this crap game.
  8. if say something that is against ToS in local chat and are then banned because who ever heard it reported you and Linden Lab's investigation confirmed the report then you should get banned imo :-P Either way I am just trying to get my facts straight
  9. basically what i mean is, if someone sends someone else an except of something that happened in "Local Chat" to someone else. The way i see it is if you say something in public chat then it is no longer private information since anyone within chat range can read it.
  10. i've since spoken to a Linden on this topic and it turns out that only logging Private chat is against ToS, since anyone can read public chat.
  11. Is this against ToS to send someone a log of something that occurred in public chat?
  12. I agree just do away with this new marketplace crap, the old one was fine, don't fix what ain't broke.
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