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  1. hi.. for the last 3 days we r experiencing a weird problem on our rented island. we asked for the landlord but she didnt reply. she s offline most of the time. so i wanted to ask here. have you ever experienced such a thing? sim is crashing once in every 20 minutes. it s like there s a timer which restarts the sim. she said she restarted the sim but it didnt work. if we hadnt paid for 2 weeks rent 3 days ago, i wouldnt bother. but now i m very curious. what may be the reason for this? have u ever experienced such a thing?
  2. sl is ridicilously expensive. u pay 295 dolar for a region.. and u pay 600 dolar to have it set up that makes 4140 dolar per year.. u pay that money for what? for nothing u own nothing in rl. just pixels in sl but u can have 1999 Honda CR-V Manual 4WD in rl ))))))) which is 3500 dolars )) well in rl with that money lower than 4000 dolar, i can buy a REAL LİFE CAR . which is SOMETHING. it s better than having NOTHING in sl so i say having a virtual land (which u cant inherit and bla bla bla) is ridicilous . and if people enjoy spending that much money in sl, it s ok for me with that am
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