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  1. I'm a male, so my italian name is Gianni 🙂 Gianna is an italian female name. You don't need to make a copy because your attachment was synchronized since you detached it into your inventory.
  2. It's indeed 🙂 When you detach an object or simply logout every attachment is synchronized with the user's inventory on Linden servers. That clearly couldn't happen if you suddenly crash.
  3. I thought to have been pretty clear even though english is not my native language: I saved one script and one notecard into an attached object; when the viewer is crashed I still wore the attachment (I was testing it) so the contents into it weren't updated in my inventory (not the attachment's inventory) as I realized when I logged in SL back. It's clear for me now.
  4. It wouldn't be exactly a "roll-back". Now it's clear to me: attachment's contents are locally saved and if you don't detach the attachment or log out the items are not actually updated in the inventory.
  5. I didn't log out! Be careful: I crashed as I told so content in the attached object wasn't updated in the inventory. It's an acceptable answer. You cannot test it until you don't crash!
  6. Sometimes I behave like that but more often I prefer to not add too many things in my inventory. But by now I'll detach occasionally the object and attach it back to restart my work. Thanks. 🙂
  7. It happened that I crashed and, after I logged in back, scripts or notecards opened and saved on the previous session into an attached object (HUD) didn't keep the new content. Is that normal? If so how could I avoid to lose the last saved content in case of a crash? Should I detach the object to save the new content in the inventory? Thanks in advance.
  8. No, you didn't get it: it's not the buyer to add a TP for and Adult location but my teleporter for random! The last version allows to choose the SIM rate though.
  9. That's OK. I thank you for your help, Dakota; but... even though my item doesn't show nudity or contain sexual animations I wrongly thought however it could take someone within an adult SIM, even more so for the previous versions which didn't ask users for the SIM rate. At this point I'm going to set these versions as General too. Thanks again.
  10. Since nobody answers I'm going to set the maturity level of GL Offhand Teleporter 1.2, the last version that lets users choose the maximum SIM rate, as "General". I really hope to do the right thing.
  11. My Marketplace store sells GL Offhand Teleporter, a HUD that teleport you in any random region, including the ones rated as "Adult". So as a precautionary measure I set the maturity level of my product as "Adult" even though it doesn't immediately show any adult content unless you choose to teleport yourself to a random region and you happen just in an adult region. I wish to low the maturity level of my product as "General" but I don't know if that is the right choice. How should I regulate? I'm modifying this product to let users choose the maximum SIM rate but I still don't know how to set
  12. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Voluntary_Movement_Speeds
  13. I would leave SL for a while. My first life would be worthy a lot of more attention and I really hope to be able in my intent. This one could be the right occasion.
  14. The SL viewer has been just installed for testing; why didn't you make a snapshot of my Firestorm technical information too that is the viewer I almost always used in the last years? I'm hesitant about a new PC purchase because Second Life is the only trouble; for the rest my laptop is simply perfect!
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