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  1. I've always thought it was doo doo doo DUM DUM
  2. My friend who's been waiting says she just got a houseboat in Alala!
  3. I have a friend who has been trying - off and on - since the middle of May. She has seen the option appear, but never seems to be able to complete the transaction in time. I suspect she's on a slower connection than most. It has to be frustrating but she has been very patient. Meanwhile, I invite her over to my place!
  4. As the owner of a.... recycled home, it's now MY home and it's not a bad place. Could it be on the ocean instead of a pond? Sure. Could I have hoped for more of the front yard to be "mine" and not "landscaped by LL"? Sure. (Especially when there's so much of theirs and not so much of mine! 😄) Is it worth abandoning and hopping? For me, not yet. The lag seems acceptable, my neighbors are as well (if you're reading... I luvs y'all!) Would I get a "better" place? Can I be assured the perfect place is out there? In RL my homes have never been 100% perfect. The imperfections are acceptable to me. As are the imperfections of my SL Belle home now. And I'm still exploring the neighborhoods, so if you see me in my flying cardboard box - wave and say hi! I'm just trying to figure out how to get to the grocery store!
  5. No worries - I was poking furniture around here and there, trying to fit my concept into place. Realized I still need a piece but for now it works. I figured you had a landmark to just appear next to me LOL!
  6. Edit: We've figured out the photo in this image isn't the one at the location. So disregard the rest about things changing. I'd delete it, but then the responses wouldn't make sense. So something to consider, and I was too new to see it until I did some work. While this is the location I received, the landscaping changed before I got it. The nice fences and bench were no longer there - it has no bench (it's in the back on the pond now, which I like better) and two large ROCKS in the front yard. And the hedge on the left side disappeared. I've done some mods and decorating... but wish the fences had stayed. STILL: I'm happy with it for now... happy enough to stay until things relax and it gets easier to pick up another one. Thanks to everyone for their positive response and support!
  7. Howdy, Am looking for a grandfathered full sim. Have cash. IM or notecards inworld, please.
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