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  1. Hat wirklich niemand etwas dazu zu sagen? Was ist los?
  2. Schon seit einiger Zeit stosse ich beim Oeffnen von Profilen auf etwas sehr merkwuerdiges: Das Profil oeffnet sich zwar aber es kommt immer nur ein Platzhalter fuer ein Bild und darunter der Name des Avatar sowie die Fehlermeldung: "Dieser Name ist nicht verfuegbar." Nun koennte man denken das sei so, weil das Gegenueber einen ggf. blockiert hat aber dem ist nicht so. Es tritt auch bei Leuten in meiner FL auf. andere wiederum koennen das Profil der Person(en) eindeutig sehen. Hat jemand eine Idee was das sein kann und was man ggf. tun kann? Liegt das evtl. an einer meiner Einstellungen oder an einer Einstellung von dem Avatar dessen Profil nicht gelesen werden kann? Danke fuer wirklich ernstgemeinte Antworten.
  3. Instead of "hey there is something wrong with our system which we cant control any longer - please excuse some unwanted experiences..." they only say "unscheduled maintanance" am I allowed to stop paying for this unstable 13 year old betaversion ?
  4. is there any fun with it ? i doubt this ....
  5. You can call that whatever you like to - if its really "new" we all will see sooner or later. If its better like the old one we will see then too - but i doubt that. But i will keep an objective mind until I see it So lets hope ... thats all we have
  6. You can call that a "unplanned maintenance" - i call it "fixing bugs which came from the last software update"
  7. Looks like they really have a big issue with the login servers not only from SL but from the SL Website too. And in SL there are no more TPs working (uhh did they really work anytime since 2008 now? LOL) and no payment is posiible. Also they have problems with the HTTPS Webserver - my Browser tells me that the Website wasnt safe and that the site was being set back in the middle of loading ... Hell - if they cant control second life for such a long time now - how will they ever have the quality to provide us with sl 2.0 bug- and errorfree? I really doubt that !!!!
  8. hi there, as i heard about mesh is now possible in SL i updated my viewer to latest official one. but when i try to upload a COLLADA file its invisible. its also invisible in the preview. also tried using a collada from the SL sample page. same effect. what could it be?
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