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  1. And yes, regions can still be upgraded to 30k prims! It costs US$30 to set it up, and an additional US$30 a month to the maintenance cost - Just FYI
  2. Full Private Island for sale 20k prims $195 tier due on the 6th of each month. Selling price is $1400 which includes the $600 transfer fee, and passes along the grandfathered tier of $195/month. I am selling my long loved Sim "Insanity", sadly its time to let it go. When I bought this sim Eric Linden teleported me to the island and ask me what name would I like for the sim. I said "Insanity" he said "Wow what a great name - I love it" Carrie Grant and I started our business here on this island it was called NIRVANA 2005-2012 it was a great time to be in SL Thank you Dex Mason
  3. Full Prim Sim For Rent L$55,000 a month (with first and last month rent req.) full estate manager so the sim is yours to change as you please Sim name is Insanity contact Dex Mason
  4. 2 full sim side by side for rent full rights with estate manager L$55,000 a month each (with first and last month rent paid) available now, these two sims Insanity and True Love have been in business over 4/5 years and have thousands of Land Marks to them. Perfect… to give your business a running start to it. please contact Dex Mason in world will reply asap Insanity http://slurl.com/secondlife/Insanity/137/137/21 True Love http://slurl.com/secondlife/True%20Love/132/130/21
  5. Homestead sim for rent - Nature full rights with estate manager, 3750 prims L$27,500 a month (with first and last month rent paid) available now , note this has been a private sim with no public access since the island was born many years ago. please contact Dex Mason in world will reply asap Nature http://slurl.com/secondlife/Nature/141/136/35
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