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  1. You are all invited to a tiny party when I finally get it!!!!
  2. Well, I don't have an alt, love decorating in both lives, and I'm waiting to get my tiny home. I just don't need that much space, it's a lifestyle, that's all
  3. Two houseboats just showed up (didnt click, since this avi is afraid of water), so there's hope for us Europeans 😁 Just kidding, this is nothing but a question of being lucky. Can't wait to get my trailer....😽😽
  4. Jaide, I know the feeling!!! After trying for weeks and weeks, I've decided to wait for the larger release and in the meantime, enjoy walking around the Belliseria continent and the SBL16 sim
  5. I miss the camping sites,dancing pads and Xploder trends, not because of you money you could get, but because of all the people I used to meet. Now, it's really hard for me meeting new people, looks like SL is a desert area some times. I'm just 11 SL years old, but I feel it was a more social world before. Also, I used to attend many great classes and meeting from RL Univerisities, which own a virtual campus, it was just exceptional. I learnt a lot from many great professors around the world.
  6. Hi Marianne! Right, that's what I've been doing, but still. So, I'd rather wait
  7. Totally agree. After weeks and weeks trying to get one, I've given up, can't spend so many hours of my valuable RL refreshing the screen, and being in Europe does not help. I'll wait for future releases in July, hoping to get a tiny home. Having said that, and not liking the way LL has proceed, I want to think they're trying their best, and apart from that, some people are over reacting. I guess I can still walk around Bellisseria (or however it's called), join their groups, enjoy the lovely sims at SLB16, and rezz my stuff in a Tahoe house in the meantime.
  8. No luck today or yesterday, haven't seen a single one. I've decided to wait for the Campers release
  9. I'm just in love with this tiny model, actually have stopped looking for a regular home, waiting for this one to be released!!!
  10. Actually, all this waiting period has given me the opportunity to realize that what I actually need is a tiny home, sooo, there's always something positive behind any situation!!!!
  11. This is my favourite one, I cant wait to get it!!! New LH are way too big for me, so this is perfect, I've been in love with tiny movement for years, so it's great to get one in my SL.
  12. This new LH thing is getting out of hand... SL is supposed to be a fun experience, and it's really sad to me all this anger around the metaverse. I've been also trying to get a new home for weeks, with no luck, and it's frustrating, I get it. But please: it's a pixel home, it's not real life, please dont let a virtual thingy have such a big impact in your mood. LL could have had a better planning with the release, for sure. Is is it all part of a Marketing plan? Maybe. Just remember there are more coming. It's just not worth all this drama
  13. Thank you Edmund, I've just download it, hopefully it will work
  14. Thank you Leora. I'm located in Europe, maybe time difference does not help
  15. Thank you Aksaha, might try both ways, to see what happens
  16. ¡Hola a todos! How does this auto refresh work? I've been trying to get a house for quite some time, and that might be the last hope hehehehe, till the new release Thank you
  17. That was it!! I deleted that Acer Empowering and now works perfectly fine Thank you very much for all your help guys Elena
  18. thanks for your help!! Could be the issue with Acer; mine is an ACER Aspire desktop, M3641. Should I try the link Ella has given? I crash when I ty to click "Take snapshot"; if I choose "Save snapshot to disk", this menu will open. but crash when click the option "Save to disk" Elena
  19. I just got a new computer, with an Nvidia Graphic card serie 900, using cable connection. Everything works perfectly fine, SL runs really fast, but everytime I try to take a picture, I crash. I have tpd to sims with low traffic, but still Any idea why this is happening???? Thanks
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