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  1. Prueba también este hilo específico: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/303-mesh/ En SL hay un grupo que te puede interesar: Blender Bender
  2. And with that chauvinist comment that has been recently added to this discussion, @Kristin Linden, maybe this thread has covered all that it was intented to, and needs a vacation...
  3. Apart from the great stores that have already been mentioned, I'll add Konoha for landscaping, and Apple Fall/DRD for different fencing systems
  4. Joining Chloe in her 'too early' coffee.... I was going to reply on how both situations are different, since the people claiming they couldnt get a home, had already an amazing spot, and had got more than one. My perspective back in 2020 was limited because I wasn't online to see what was actually going on, I have no problem admitting that; thankfully, since I socialize and talk to people, I've come to understand the whole picture, which is way worse now than it was back then. And just before I leave to work: swapping regions might not be against the TOS; bullfighting is not either in my country, and that hasn't stopped many of us working to end that madness, and claim for a new legislation. So maybe LL could review that point to, for the sake of the community
  5. That is what I keep getting told with my plants in RL, year after year, but they have currently taken over my house
  6. Just my personal view, but as you long as you have an ethical approach and respect others, you're entitled to have as many homes as you want. When people invest on SL, the system keeps on running, which is a good thing for everybody. It is just a question of understanding that we all are part of a community, and human beings after all: respect us.
  7. Quartz, just to clarify, these people are not running business, they collect multiple houses in the same region during the release.
  8. Good morning Bellisseria. Monday is bringing a lot of choices
  9. For the stilts/HBs people. 50L just this Sunday http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Michigan Bay/225/172/25
  10. Hey, it was a Planet awareness event, so it was great finding about it!!! I did manage to get the stones, and I'd be happy to rezz them in the homes of whoever needs them!!!
  11. I landed there this (my) afternoon and saw Alex Bader standing by the dock, maybe he removed the prize
  12. I can't wait!!! And no cages, just animals running free. Congratulations Hammies, you nailed it!!!!
  13. Some have reported here the same issue, so I guess it is something common. I have two campers and they both are fine, who knows what it might be...
  14. My lindens are in danger http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/xoxo/121/79/42
  15. Pues siento desmarcarme de las respuestas de mis compañeros. Juegos tipo SL sí afectan al rendimiento de tu PC, por la cantidad de recursos que consumen, en especial, en lo referente a la tarjeta gráfica. Los simuladores son cada vez más complejos, y a menos que tengas un Mac o un PC tipo gamer, tu tarjeta va a sufrir
  16. The expression 'forever home' has acquired a different meaning in Bellisseria...
  17. Another great creation by the great Nando. I had that fence/gate set too, and I never thought of using it in the chalets, it goes really well with the theme.
  18. Hi Candee. A linden home parcel cannot be to your land group; even if you click that box, the sqms. will not be added. As for the TV, I'm sure someone will be able to reply
  19. Thank you @Nando Yip, we are honored by your visit!!! Our home is always open for friends
  20. Thank you @SarahThe Wanderer and @Chloe Doloresfor visiting I am so happy you enjoyed it... and now looking at your gorgeous pictures, I realise I do need a better laptop lol
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