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  1. Not to mention you don't need to justify your decisions @Missbehavin Neva: it was your house, and you decided to pass it on to whomever you choose; posting abandons in the thread is also a personal choice. I've never seen transferring homes to people has impacted the community, quite the opposite.
  2. When you are getting rid of clothes, a bike... whatever, don't you contact the people close to you first? To me, it is the same concept I've got most of the homes I currently have from people I know, either friends or wonderful acquaintances from the forum. Actually, I've broaden my RL social life through GoH, and I've got to meet wonderful people thanks to that The person who helped me getting my dream home will be always in my heart, I mean it. She knew I wanted the spot, and transferred it to me It all depends on how you play GoH, from a social perspective or an aggressive one. But nobody should be pointed out for sharing their abandons with friends, because we all do it, in both lives... It is a shame such a vibrant community as Bellisseria has turned into a fight over homes, I have somehow left SL aside because of it.
  3. For those who are skilled with textures, this great full perm store is having a Summe sale (50% off). Of coure, the items themselves are more expensive than those sold by other stores as non transfer, but on the other hand, you get to do whatever you want with them (based on the license agreement, of course). The fabric packs are really nice https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/102181
  4. I've got these this morning, and the textures look fine to me
  5. @Katherine Heartsong, that lower description refers to the theme in general. The specific house model is shown in the upper description, as well as in the picture In this specific case, you are looking at a stilt on land
  6. @kira91 McDonnell, algunos grupos requieren que el avatar tenga información de pago asociada, y otros están restringidos, y sólo se accede por invitación. No sé si esos puntos pueden ayudarte
  7. This isn't exactly furniture, but still a great offer. I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of these roses, for 25L Tuesday (at Gumi's Flower shop, 2 LIT each) I've got some animals from this store too, and they are actually nice. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ambat/43/131/62
  8. It is a beautiful home Elora, really well done
  9. Considering maps in general are used just to identify regions, is it really that important? Not that RL maps are always matching, they are just functional. Then you go and do some sightseeing in the actual countries...
  10. @iriage, para que ambas parte casen, necesitas poner en el cuerpo un "applier" realizado en tu caso por Genus, para eBody. ¿Lo has probado?
  11. Good morning Bellisseria! Kraftwork already has out the set for Wanderlust weekend, 50L. The bed is 11LI, I know it is a lot, but the textures are really nice, and since I just want it for decor, as a daybed, I've reduced the size and therefore the impact http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KraftWork/226/145/21
  12. I love it @Mercedes Avon
  13. This is starting to look like spamming Anyway... If anyone is looking for a river view cabin, I'll be letting this one go at 2pmSLT.
  14. A perfect detail for both HBs and Stilt homes, latest group gift by HIDEKI maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Outlander/48/72/21
  15. And this other cabin in Spruce Woods is going too at 13 SLT; if anyone is interested, I am happy to set up a time
  16. I've just released this log home in Kirowan. It is not near water, but it feels quite private, and it has a great entryway with stones, flowers and trees,
  17. Campers are the BEST, so much potential!!
  18. I've also found it is fun decorating a specific theme with the style of other, like creating a boho style in a Victorian home, or a vintange one in the campers.
  19. It is already Friday in this part of the world, although some Thursday offers are still available! 50L at LOVE, wall foliage and grass border sets. Because you never have enough flowers... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NESWNGI/157/99/25
  20. This is an old thread, but you might find some tips for your new Victorian home
  21. @UnPandaRojo, prueba a publicar tu post en esta sección específica, seguro que alguien con experiencia te puede ayudar: ¡Suerte! https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/122-creation-forum/
  22. This beautiful cabin in Red Wood, is going back into the pool in 5 minutes!
  23. Beautiful beautiful balcony @Chloe Dolores
  24. This is a forest located in a small continent, named after a very popular novel.
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