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  1. Question: if the regions were ready for release, shouldn't the homes be named as 'Linden home', instead of just the region name? Or is it because that continent still cannot be accessed, and that affects the naming? Thanks
  2. Siempre puedes vender tu lindens (aunque no siempre compensa), y a partir de esa cantidad, sufragar parte del pago premium con el dinero resultante.
  3. Agreed, it has been more than two years, and everything that goes up, must go down. Also, this is a very specific theme, and it doesn't appeal to everybody, particularly because it can be a bit dark.
  4. Hola Elora, me temo que no es posible. Necesitas realizar el pago con moneda de curso real, bien vía Paypal o tarjeta de crédito
  5. @gabarie, escribe en el grupo de la tienda en la que los adquiriste; tienes más posibilidades de encontrar ahí gente con experiencia en el tema. También puedes enviar una nota (mejor que un IM), al creador, para que pueda orientarte.
  6. Hola @AstreaConstellation Te dejo un blog donde puedes ver bastantes temas tanto de ropa, como de la parte física del avatar: https://virtualbloke.com/ Sé que para temas de skins, Stray Dog es muy popular entre el público masculino (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heavens Touch/96/191/22), y en cuanto a cabello, Tableau Vivant (también hacen bastantes recomendaciones para el avatar: https://tableauvivantsl.wordpress.com/). Felicidades por haber elegido Lelutka, es sin duda lo mejor para cabezas; una vez al año suelen poner una como regalo, así que mira de vez en cuando las notificaciones de grupo. Para ropa y calzado, puedes seguir este evento en el blog de Seraphim, junto con el de Access. Salen bastantes ofertas: https://www.seraphimsl.com/2021/08/06/exceedingly-good-manly-weekend-2/
  7. Copied from Hive's Flickr page: 50% off for 2 days only!* hive // classic bathroom collection | mainstore. 50% off until the end of aug 11th. I'm also keeping the separate bathroom decor pieces out for 50-75L until this sale is over! maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/hive/155/102/
  8. A gift for any Bellisserian garden. Available for a limited time: maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helenos/131/80/4082
  9. Hola Lucas. Publícalo también en este hilo, específico para empleo; tendrás más visibilidad: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/312-inworld-employment/
  10. Of course we all have different opinions on the matter, but there are many beautiful and great quality out there, and I wouldnt want to miss them, not just decor but buildings. I usually collect gachas from my fav stores, that they will exchange for copy sets. Now, it will be easier for them to get these collections. I personally think removing gachas will be better in the long run
  11. Actually, some creators have starting sending inworld notices in their store groups, announcing the gacha items will be put for regular sale. They will just be increasing the value, something totally normal. It is now up to us to continue supporting them.
  12. If LL follows the Legendarium created by Tolkien, the Eldar left Middle Earth during the Great Journey in boats resembling swams, the Falmari. It would be amazing to sail those boats to get to the new continent, an updated ancient way for exploring Bellisseria.
  13. I lost my father when he was just 58, and my grandfather when he was 70, both to cancer. So I'm happy people are donating money that will go into investigation. And the 'privilege' of getting to name a region and being the first one in claiming the prime spot there, is nothing compared to the generosity of giving away that money. On a happy note, and going back to the topic: I also hope the fantasy region is released soon (actually 'soon'). I'm not getting one, but I'm really looking forward to explore the new areas. I keep track of the forum for that!
  14. It seems you want something different, not just adding a bit of water. So my suggestion is that you follow Nika's advice, and move to a stilt on water. You just need patience, they do come up
  15. Maybe you can use the Skye Studio beach set, and place some parts on the sandy area inside your parcel. The quality of the textures is amazing, although I'm not sure how it would blend in https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/V2-Skye-Sandy-Beach-Building-Set-with-Waves-100-MESH/4485072
  16. Due to RL, I cannot really enjoy my Mainland parcel, so I hope it finds a nice new owner. It has access to Sandgrass Road and a direct view of Hector Lake. The items in the landscape are no transfer, but you can enjoy them as long as you don't return them. Parcel size: 1392m Asking prize: L$8000 Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gunda/241/231/80
  17. Keep it forever @Matthieu Quander, it is perfect!!!!!
  18. @Feorie Frimon @Quistess Alpha @Rabid Cheetah @Marianne Little, these are the steps I follow: - click on any object and select edit - then hover the mouse into the screen, an arrow should appear - (make sure the object is still selected) now click in any empty point, like the sky, and drag the mouse until the area hows up in yellow - now click on derender I hope it helps, I'm not really good at technical explanations. The key for this to work is having selected an object to be derendered before selecting the whole area
  19. I loved your video @Feorie Frimon, I agree with most of your points, that is why I chose Campbell Coast to live for quite some time. Despite having been in SL for many years, it wasn't until recently that I started living in Mainland. I could be such an amazing place and explore; it is great to hear some people are trying to make it more beautiful When watching you derender that massive wall, have you tried selecting a whole area? I tend to derender everything around me, I started doing it piece by piece, or clicking on several, till I found out one can select your whole screen! Maybe it is just new to me
  20. I love what you've done @Mercedes Avon, giving a totally different look to the house!
  21. another great work @SarahThe Wanderer, it really looks like taken from The Shire itself
  22. Anyone interested? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Esplin/111/229/37
  23. This beauty in Cantrip Coast is waiting for its new owner http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cantrip Coast/106/36/29
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