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  1. Beautiful landscaped parcel, 2224m2 , roadside proteced in Majipoor. This is a very quiet area, and you can enjoy the pods running right in the front road, and the lovely forest neighbour's parcel front view. Enjoy the landscape and cottage (non full perm permissions) or return the items. Feel free to reach me with any questions. Parcel size: 2224m2 Asking price: 5000L$ Taxi to Majipoor.
  2. Priced to sell. I'm moving, so I'm putting my lovely parcel in Selenia for sale, next to a Linden protected park, in a quite area. You can keep the landscape and house (not the ownership) or return them Feel free to reach me with any questions. Parcel size: 1120m Asking price: 2100L$ Moderate region, flat parcel Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Selenia/248/114/98
  3. That is being lucky: getting to place a home of your choice in Bellisseria!!! Hey, you're following the convenant and the theme! 🤣
  4. From Raindale's Flickr page (just copying, I havent been able to check the item inworld) Raindale - Moonleaf sofa - promo . 75L$ promo for SL HOME DECOR (new weekend sales event!). Remastered copy+ edition of Moonleaf sofas with texture change HUD (10 colours). Limited price till August,30 (80% off) @Raindale mainstore maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazel%20Woods/156/123/26
  5. @Loretta String, you take every home you decorate to another level. That is so so pretty
  6. Releasing this Victorian in 5 minutes (if anyone is interested, let me know before!)
  7. Hi Leora. Companion animals work differently, so you're fine
  8. That is a great location @Nika Talaj, I love the steps you've placed in the water. Between both boats, I would go for the yellow one!!
  9. @So Whimsy, you may want to look at this set Frigga posted.
  10. From Raindale page in Flickr: weekend promo (50L) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hazel Woods/156/123/26
  11. Joy, you've been the best landlord many of us have had, The only thing I can wish is that you get healthy, which is what someone as kind and wonderful as you, deserve.
  12. Anything is easier to spell lol Not to mention how it sounds in one's mind when you are not a native English speaker, and when you listen to Patch pronouncing the name...
  13. While it doesn't cover the word 'farm', the convenant is quite clear about the residential character of Bellisseria. You can always report the machines inworld, or file an AR via the Support page. That way, LL can take a look and decide what to do.
  14. Hi Wimshy. The most affordable one would be Maya's Buildings, you can check their store in the MP On a different level, you have Sway, Chez Moi, Apple Fall (get the coffee Press gift if you still don't have it), What Next (many of their armchairs and sofas include drinking/eating animations)...
  15. What a great viene @Mercedes Avon, congratulations!
  16. (Sorry, double post!!!! Leora had already mentioned it!!!!) And apart from the beautiful rug our dear @Chloe Bunny has posted, she has quite a few lovely pieces in her store, perfect for the fantasy theme: link.
  17. Something like this? By Raindale
  18. @Nylyx, have you tried DOUX? He has quite a few curly har styles
  19. Question: if the regions were ready for release, shouldn't the homes be named as 'Linden home', instead of just the region name? Or is it because that continent still cannot be accessed, and that affects the naming? Thanks
  20. Siempre puedes vender tu lindens (aunque no siempre compensa), y a partir de esa cantidad, sufragar parte del pago premium con el dinero resultante.
  21. Agreed, it has been more than two years, and everything that goes up, must go down. Also, this is a very specific theme, and it doesn't appeal to everybody, particularly because it can be a bit dark.
  22. Hola Elora, me temo que no es posible. Necesitas realizar el pago con moneda de curso real, bien vía Paypal o tarjeta de crédito
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