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  1. Well, when I try to copy the file, I get this: An unexpected error is preventing the operation. Make a note of this error code, which might be useful if you get additional help to resolve this problem: Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error So, no export for me at this point.
  2. Hintswen Guardian wrote: Make sure no one has the ability to sell or abandon land. Very good point. Thank you for the response.
  3. Taking off the Landing Point, will, however, allow visitors to set a LM anywhere they want on your parcel. If you don't want them to be able to do that, you are better off splitting your parcel into two, and setting individual landing points.
  4. I and my partner just purchased a large hunk of mainland. Now, we are looking at subdividing it in order to better use it. The only problem is that - though it is set to the group (not deeded), and several folks have subdividing rights in the group - no one but my partner can subdivide the land. Now, I think I know the answer, but all the wikis and tutorials don't really seem to answer this question. For land to be acted on by group members - i.e., subdividing land - does the land have to be *deeded* to the group? Does the group only 'own' the land if the land is deeded? It would seem that setting the land to the group, and having permissions within the group, would be adequate. Maybe it's a dumb question, but I can't seem to find any unambiguous answers. Thanks.
  5. I doubt they will ever support this. The other grids are SL's competition - they *don't* want to make it easy for you to migrate over there.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly! Half of the point of having the dashboard up was to see what was happening with the forums.
  7. Josephina Bonetto wrote: Your nice mainland can change overnight if someone moves in with a truly unique idea of beauty and I think having coping strategies in place helps. Josephina, got any suggestions on the coping strategy? Also, when does building a monstrosity and then offering to sell to those whose view you are blocking cross the line into an ARable offense?
  8. They touted the new blogrums software as being "single sign-on". And, they broke that (because it was working fine with the old blogrum software). Please fix it, quickly.
  9. Hmmmm..... /me takes a tour around the place, checking out the decor, trying out a chair or two, finds the liquor cabinet, pours a stiff one, and sits down across from Hippie. Not too bad. Edit: OOOh... Anyone looked at your profile settings, yet? They show "IP Address of Last Visit". Innnnnnteresting. And, I love my non-existent profile pic that labels me "Classic"!
  10. Single sign-on? Then why did I have to sign in to this page, after coming here from my dashboard? (Open in New Tab) And, why are there no forum links on the dashboard?
  11. Vichonette, you can always go with a TPV that combines the best of both worlds.
  12. Will we be able to prevent our profile from showing on the web? I would prefer to keep my profile totally in-world. (I *especially* don't want it linked to any of my RL identities.)
  13. Café Casablanca will step up romance a level for the most important day for lovers in the year. Ask your loved one to come on a "Sentimental Journey", with even more of our featured artists than normal, and a special stream. Music and romance go together like a wink and a smile. Take a Sentimental Journey at Café Casablanca on this most romantic of days. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dating/225/222/23 Cafe Casablanca blog
  14. Something else I thought of: If the estate owner set the script permissions to Group Only, then it might not be as bad as you think. Simply go change your objects from whatever group they currently show to the renter's group. And, when you set out more objects, be wearing the group tag. I have seen this in a club, but it seems odd for residential land. Basically, if you're not wearing the group tag (though, you really should only have to be in the group to run scripts on your person), your scripts won't run. I have my club set to build if you are in the one group - so the performers can rez their tip jars and such, but not just anyone can come by and turn it into a sandbox. I wouldn't do it with scripts, though - cause too much hate and discontent.
  15. Aglaupe Greggan wrote: Now my problem is that I rented a land and paid the tier for ONE WEEK. 3. The land owner (me... ) dont have any right about to run scripts in his own land? This is where part of the misunderstanding lies. You are renting, not an owner (despite having "bought" the land, as well as paying tier). There really aren't any owners on private estates except for the estate owner (the sim owner). All sorts of permissions can be set for you, but - ultimately - you aren't the owner of the land. I would guess the change is coincidence - I don't think you can script something like that to change. But, yes, he can change the covenant any time. And, if you depart early due to the change in circumstances, and he doesn't refund your remaining tier, LL probably won't do anything about it. Yes, it is allowable for a sim owner to set "No Scripts". It is, however, pretty stupid - especially if it's residential land. You might ask the sim owner what's going on - they might have a misunderstanding on what they are changing and its impact. I had a landlord once that was going to somehow limit scripts on the entire island - he kept IMing me to ask me to turn off some scripts when I was gone. (I don't rent there any more; I also learned just how many frikkin' scripts were running in some of my stuff.) Added: Last night, I had an odd bug occur: When I checked the covenant tab on our club land, it came up "No covenant". It *also* showed the date last modified as 31 December 1969 - a default "0" date in some OS's. So, something hiccuped and it showed no data. A minute later, when I checked again, the covenant was back, with a 3 December 2010 date. So, it could be you encountered this bug. Edited to add more info
  16. Does all that money actually stay with the group until stipends? Or, does it go into the account of the group owner?
  17. You really can't. Only an individual can own Lindens. If you are looking to share your money among some friends/associates/alts, you need to look for an "atm". This is an object whereby you can have one avatar retain the money, but all those with "atm cards" can access those funds. We have done this for our club funds, so we can all access the money to pay rent, tip performers, buy more dances, etc.
  18. 1) You accepted the new ToS agreement, right? (Some people weren't seeing it, it seemed.) 2) Your old one (if you actually download, *then* install) should be in your Downloads folder. I would suggest you back out the 373 version using Add/Remove Programs first (or whatever it is called in Vista).
  19. Irene - he can't log in. An *in-world* support group isn't going to help much.
  20. I think the difference is TP'ing in vs flying over. The TP has to negotiate with the region - which is not allowing non-group folks - so it dumps you outside the parcel. In flying at that height, you are dealing with the sim in general (you negotiated with some other parcel to TP in), and it simply ignores the ban lines.
  21. Right there as a footnote on the "Hey! Sign up for a premium account!" page: *L$1,000 sign up bonus will be deposited 45 days after premium membership sign up.
  22. Oooooh! I volunteer to bring the fire starters, and to do the strip searches on the female line at the entry point! And, can we tar and feather the scripters instead? It's really much more enjoyable. And, run them out on a rail - it's fun to see them hit the sim edge when going really fast down that rail!
  23. I'm not being sarcastic or funny, but have you tried removing all your huds and getting naked, then trying again? It's *only* this avatar, and it happens no matter what you try with cache - so, it must be something unique to this avatar, that is persistent apart from cache: clothing (prim), attachments, or HUDs.
  24. Cinnamon.Lohner wrote: Easiest way to create a new folder is to right click on the spot where you want the new folder and choose New Folder from the popup menu.Unless you want it as a top-level folder. Then you need to use the menu in the Inventory window, and Create -> New Folder.
  25. I have had the same problem. It appears to have fixed itself after installing the latest version of Emerald.
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