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  1. Hello I have put together websites irl for over 5 years now i am looking to offer my services in Sl, I have a range of options to suit every budget drop me a line and lets talk about your needs!
  2. I Left sl for a bit after my meeroo prices started crashing after selling my meeroo i had not much to do so i took a break, So tell me are meeroos still a "thing" or whats hot breedable wise these days ?
  3. Looking for DJ's for a established beach club in SL. requirements: Older then 60 days Able to bring a few new faces in ( we are not asking for you to host aswell but a bit of a fan club or some buddies that will hear you play is a bonus, the club has a large group of regulars but new faces are always welcome, this is not a strict requirement dont let it scare you off ) Your own stream two hour shifts 100% tips You need to have Dj'd before and understand how to keep your set fun ! Genre: classic rock,oldies,regge,soft rock, chillout tunes Please contact patrick carousel via notecard.
  4. Greetings my name is patrick carousel and i am here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. I specialise in connecting skillsets with employers my clients have come to expect quality placements and that is what i provide. If you are looking for work in any field please complete the form provided below and lets find you your perfect sl job Please note: this is completly free of charge for people looking for work. http://www.tfaforms.com/231909 After filling that in i will be in contact and we will take it from there If you have any questions or if you are a employer looking to
  5. Greetings i require a personal assistant to help me with day to day tasks this is not a set time position i would really only need your help when there is something i do have time to do myself. requirements Professional: I need somebody who is presentable and Professional with clients and other people you may have to contact. presentable: male or female makes no difference to me but i need you to be presentable i dont mind what you look like every other time but while we are working it would be great if you arent wearing 27 bling objects and lumo pants ( no offence meant here i just want
  6. i have recently opened a Greed or no Greed gaming room and require hosts for the games, experience is preffered but if you are well spoken and have what it takes to keep the exitment level in the room up feel free to apply payment: 100% tips and a bonus at the end of your shift according to your statistics, how many people are playing how many games they play etc. The great thing about been a game host is that customers have the money to tip you well. unlike club hosting etc where very few often bother tipping Please contact Patrick carousel via notecard if you are interested i am looking to r
  7. Zen Auctions has opened its doors to anybody looking to run their own auctions. We have: A fully featured auction system that does all the work for you all you need is your voice and knowledge! our staff is on hand to help you! Flexibility - pick a time and start crowdsourcing no pointless rules its your auction run it how you want to. Rewarding - we have a 10% tipping policy some breedables sell for a pretty penny you do the math ! you have: A willingness to use voice and make your auctions rock! Good knowledge about a breedable you love, weather it be meeroos,horses,fish,dragons.....or what
  8. Hello i am looking to rent a parcel on the blake sea it must be connected to the rest of the sailing sims, if you know anybody that is renting out parcels please leave me a message here i am struggeling to find anybody who rents land around there.
  9. I am looking for auctioneers for a new auction house. you need not have experience as a auctioneer so long as you can speak clearly and know your stuff when it comes to meeroo's 9 (or at the very least willing to learn ) dj,s that are used to speaking over mic are also welcome. we have a in house auction system that takes care of everything no need for emotes or your own system. times are flexible at the moment so it is a great chance to get yourself a time slot. you would need to be able to do set times so that people know when your auctions are and you can build up a following. payment: 100
  10. Thank you for your feeback venus thats a great idea hopefully i can find people who want the same enviroment !
  11. Hello thank you for taking the time to look at this post i have a few questions for people who may have done this all before. I am considering renting out parcels of land on my homestead it is forest/zen themed and i have put alot of effort into making it look good. I noticed i hardly use any prims for what i do around there so i thought perhaps i should rent some space out heres the thing tho. i dont want to enable terraforming as people really make things look ulgy when they build walls made of mountains around there piece of land. i want renters to stick to the theme: i have some gre
  12. Great thank you very much for your help everybody !
  13. i have always rented land from private sim owners so i have never needed a premim account, however i would like to start purchasing some to rent out, when i go to a plot of land owned by governor linden i cannot purchase it, is this becouse i dont have a premuim account ? and before you post " read the wikki " i did and i couldnt find anything about this Thanks in advance for any help you can provide :) Pat
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