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  1. Thank you for the advise Hunter:-)
  2. so, Ethan whenever the grid crashes we can save it with some more dance when we finally log in:-) the cure for crashes and grumpiness at the same time! kisses
  3. I edited the subject and I don't delete it hoping that at least i made you smile Ethan and if you like some more tease come and find me in world dancing at Plush lol I ask myself if you will be less grumpy then he he
  4. yeah i posted in wrong section actually i wanted to delete it Ethan
  5. Hello, is there any known log in problem today? I am unable to log in or access my web dashboard. Situation resolved, thank you actually the grid crashed (sighs)
  6. In my windows 7 computer yesterday after 2-3 tries I installed the viewer looks like working ok, but in my windows 10 still I can't I am in the loop. For now I use an alternative viewer but I will try again, anyway thank you for the information, I thought that it was something wrong with my computer yesterday.
  7. I have the same problem started yesterday. I receive the following: "The following plugin has failed: media_pluggin_libvic please reinstall the pluggin or contact the vendor if you continue to experience problems. I dont know what to do. thank you
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