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  1. I went onto the marketplace and ordered several orders (possibly over 40 items all told by the time I was done, maybe less though). But I only got half of the things I ordered. The rest never came. I don't want to go look for them all over again cause I can't remember their names and it took a long time to find them in the first place with tags. I did not spend anything, they were free. But I still want them badly. What happened to the things I ordered? I believe I DID get confirmation orders for each seperate order in my e-mail. Is there a place to review my order, so at least if I have to re
  2. I know I already posted about login issues, but this time it's different...and more confusing! For the record: I use the latest Phoenix Viewer now, but when the problem started I had the older Phoenix. I use wireless broadband even though doing so makes my viewer says it's not going to work. Why? Because I have used wireless broadband with no problems whatsoever this whole time. Even with wireless, SL has been fast, detailed and bearable if sluggish sometimes. I have been on SL for about ten hours at a time or more, no issues. The Problem: I brought my laptop and wireless broadband to anothe
  3. So many different error messages, the same problem. I cannot log in. If I do manage to get logged in, I'm not on for five minutes before it tells me that I have been logged out. Not to mention while I'm logged in all I get is a strange blue screen where I can't see anything of where I am but blue, not even myself or my name. I get an error message that says DNS cannot resolve the host name...I get a different message the next time that says they are sorry, something went wrong, despite their best efforts they could not log me on...I've gotten another that said something similar, can't remember
  4. My avvie looks fine to me, but my mate and others keep telling me I'm half naked! I am wearing a shirt, I can see it, but they can't. I can't go around half naked like this because I have a child avatar and dancing or necking with my mate can be considered age play if I keep on being half naked. What's wrong here? How can my avvie look fully clothed to me but naked to others? FYI my browser is Phoenix. Thank you, all of you! I'm not entirely sure it worked, but no one has said anything to me about being a nekkid cub so far so I can only guess it was sucessful. :D I rebaked, tested my avata
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