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  1. Thanksgiving poem to the Lindens I am meshed up tonight, so 'ere I go with 2.0, opening my heart with display name, (oh shut up noob! I hear you say 'tis not the same) I'm lost too, poems are not my might. He expects a limeric, she 'spects a ballad, I'll give you all my frick, if with me you will stick, 'til I'm done, my lad. This poem is for the Lindens you see, the people that give us a life when... (hold on i'm thinking, what rhymes with see...) Oh heck, I can't rhyme, must go with Lindens...again! T'was the night before xmas and... Oh wait! My dog jumped on my hand... (my dog gets me in trouble when I go afk...jumps on the keyboard to get the crumbs...) ...must fit noob Phill here somewhere, to thank on this special day, someone, anyone, why we're here today, ...but I'm never gonna use name display! Thank you!
  2. whohooo!! I have 35k lindens and mesh uploads are free on beta.. https://secure-web40.secondlife.com/my/support/downloads/ It's under "project viewier" as Mesh(Aditi) I'm like a kid in candy shop ^^ Thank you Jack!
  3. Rise and shine Jack! /me brings a big pot of fresh coffee ...../me watches the clock ticking and bites nails...1 1/2 hours to go till office opens..
  4. ".....and I'm sure there's more that I have forgotten. It all seems to be making sense to me now. SL is Philip's baby, and our pleas and cries for help must truly be breaking his heart. But, face it kids...I think LL is in the midst of an aquisition. Then again, what do I know?" My own gut feeling is that they've been hit by the american recession too and are in process or downsizing and restructuring. Amazes me when I hear complaints from people of non-profit organisations about their tight fixed budgets and their lives being turned upside-down, as if Phil and his team of Lindens didn't have a budget and hard decisions to make themselves to keep SL going. It's as if these people take SL as their birth right and handed to them by God, all for free and SL shouldn't have budgetary and restructuring hard decisions to make. The milk and honey stream is not flowing as aboundantly to all and is being diverted in places to keep all of us somewhat happy in hard times. Nothing is forever on planet earth and the universe, least of all a stable economy and lifestyle, everything is in constant change and the fact that Linden Lab gives us months of warning about their pricing changes is proof to me they do care about SL and the people that make it.
  5. So if these people, (who's lives seemingly depend on the building capacities of Second Life never advancing), have to learn a few new menus and functions on a different program, in order to make some even better stuff than they've already made, then I'm sure they can live with that. My thoughts exactly. 2 years ago as new resident just looking at the edit window in SL spinned my head at the complexity of it and I thought I would never understand it and be able to build. Now I build with prims and even script a little. Last week when I first heard of mesh import I thought I better take a look at those free 3D softwares. I downloaded Blender and Wings 3D. My initial reaction was same as that of 2 years ago looking at SL build window. But I wasn't detered, I figured if I could learn building with prims, I can learn 3D programs too. Sure enough just 3 youtube Wings 3D tutorials later I uploaded my first creation on SL which I'm proud of. A baby step for sure, but now I know it's only a matter of learning the menus and functions on those programs, and while I watch tutorials I'm even learning meanings of basic 3D jargon such as vertices, polygons etc. The voodoo mystery of 3D is slowly being unveiled for me and I can't wait for mesh import beta viewer to be made available to the ordinary folks like me
  6. @Molleh. You are of course perfectly entitled to your opinion and you don't have to make use of our BanClone system if you don't wish to. However, the fact is that many people are interested in it and we have already had a large number of people sign up. It won't be for everyone, but we are providing a service that Linden Lab seem not prepared to offer, despite the demands of many people who have asked for it. If you run a business making part of your RL income (like I and many others do), L$500 (or less than $2 in real money) is a small price to pay to protect your good name. Relatively small price yes, but my point remains valid; you ASSUME the LL's are not prepared to protect our names while the Display name is still in beta and they're still taking resident feedbacks. Your still crying woulf and making a profit from it. Lets say you get 2000 poeple to register, @ $2 USD that's $4,000. Not bad profit for a useless device not LL supported. Useless because the estate/island next door who's not using the BanClone can still have clones of Lamorna Proctor and Molleh Moleno in a mud wrestling match. If you truely cared protecting your name, why not make registering free? then everyone could use it and it would spread faster.
  7. Lamorna, I'm not impressed by your BanClone system, even less by the amount of 500L$ you charge to register an existing user name. Reeks of praying on fear and ignorance of others to make a buck while Display Names is still in beta. You stand on making a profit from it, but unless LL's implement making existing user names unavailable to clone, only a relatively few people will actually use your system from land owners to business owners and content creators. As useful as privacy orbs are to keep prying cameras out. Gives a sense of false security. I have more faith in LL's to protect our names than with your expensive scheme.
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