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  1. imagine if you have 1200+ items in your store (like i do)... 😠 i am very very sorry to all my German, French, Spanish etc customers that will have to do with old and outdated text in the descriptions but life is too short for this amount of useless and dumb work that all could have been avoided, had Lindens done their job properly. They are very keen on increasing their MP fees however, and this is what us merchants get in return for it???
  2. This merchant is notorious for their business practices. It is the one i immediately thought of reading your OP, and it is the one i was talking about in my response above. You are not the first victim of theirs, and you will not be the last. (their name rhymes with "smelly", and that is what their business practices are) I suggest you spread the word among your friends and anybody who'd listen (well, not on this forum, obviously). They are already (in)famous, but maybe some people are still unaware... What i find incredible, is their fantastic ability to remove all possible reviews that are less than 5 stars. This ability seems to know no limits, and sometimes i even think that a Linden is actually working with them and helping them in their quest. I have been monitoring this store for years, reading all their new reviews, and i have seen reviews disappearing that had absolutely no reason for removal, including my own (being a merchant myself, i would think i know how to write a proper review)... It is outrageous the way they go about this entire review thing, and the fact that they are hellbent on not offering demos is not helping either.
  3. there you go: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-228302 i'm not holding my breath though...
  4. if that was a certain well known full perm creator, i can suggest a workaround. It doesn't always work but is worth a try. The said FP creator don't provide demos. However, if you search for this particular item you are interested in using the same wording as the original listing (for example "harem boho pants"), then in your search results choose price range 0-1L$ to only catch the demos, there is a high probability you will find the demo of the item you are looking for offered by the creators who already bought the original item from the said FP creator. This way you can test the mesh and the rigging and the fit, and only then decide whether to buy the original FP item.
  5. so i am the only one seeing degraded images everywhere?? ok, that's entirely possible, maybe only people who work a lot with image editing/texturing etc notice that... Just go to Marketplace, sort by Newest Items and you will see it. Every single new item has degraded graphics (ok, i haven't checked today, but yesterday they were). Some more than others, that's true. The more shadows and gradients there are in the image, the more apparent it is. Where the soft shadows and gradients are it looks grainy like it is heavily compressed. Fine, i shall waste some of my precious time filing the JIRA tomorrow, it's too late here now. Apparently this is what i am paying my MP commissions for...
  6. Let me see... Except if it's a 4 star review? A couple of days ago i flagged a 4 star review that went along the lines "Would have given it 5 stars if it supported the legacy body. Otherwise a great item". It wasn't removed. Nowhere in the listing does it say that it fits Legacy. It isn't fair.
  7. it seems that the more info you put in your negative review, the more room you give them for interpretation, and that means somebody (the merchant, or the Linden reviewing it) might find "valid reasons" for removal in your review. If you just write "i don't like it", or "it doesn't work" they won't remove it. Such reviews don't help neither merchants nor shoppers, and yet those are the ones most likely to remain.
  8. so, basically if nobody bothers to create a JIRA for the image problem, LL is not going to do anything to fix it? Even now that you do know it exists?
  9. if you don't mind your pictures looking like gifs from the 90s, go ahead. Tried to upload a new picture a couple of hours ago >> same crappy deteriorated result. So, no new listings from me then.
  10. ok, this is no good to me at all... here is what i'm gonna do... NO MORE NEW ITEMS ON MARKETPLACE, until all of this mess is properly fixed. I will advertise to my group of 6000+ customers that the new items will only be available in the store in-world for the time being, because LL screwed up the Marketplace. NO more commissions for you, LL, until all is back to normal, and less work for me. I suggest you guys do the same.
  11. i confirm that the new listing feature is broken. Just added a new item and this is what went wrong: 1) The pictures got uploaded in extremely poor quality!! I don't know what to do about that: i am alarmed to think that the shoppers will think that my pictures are of such poor quality, while it is not my pictures fault, but the uploading process somehow degrades the quality to the extreme!! I don't know what is worse: such poor pictures, or maybe no pictures at all instead?! 2) When i try to edit the listing after having listed it, and re-upload the same image, the edit (or the new picture) is not showing at all!
  12. don't worry, LL can always make up for lost sales by raising their MP commissions. That is much easier, much faster and much more efficient than fixing any problems Merchants are having.
  13. I have the same problem. Luckily i do have one that sends receipts to email, my internet provider. Could you maybe request such a receipt from your internet provider, or some other utility? Or maybe you can download it somewhere on their websites?
  14. and why exactly is this on the Merchant forum?
  15. And here you go again: Blame what stuff??? Where in my original comment did i say a word about customers??? Did you even understand at all what i was talking about? I was talking about general MP user, everybody who searches something on MP, including me. We are all unhappy when we have to sift through tens of pages of irrelevant search results. I very much agree with Alwin, because i search for something specific on MP on a regular basis, too. I know what Alwin's problem is, but man what is your problem??? "if you (general) blame stuff on disgruntled folks then you(general) are doing something wrong because they shouldn't be disgruntled with you(general)" I really don't understand where in the context of what i wrote does your response fit at all. I don't understand what you are even talking about. The reason so many people (general MP users, those who use MP to find something specific) are unhappy is 1) because so many merchants abuse keyword system, either on purpose or by ignorance/laziness; 2) MP search is broken even with all the keywords used correctly, and LL gets the blame for that, not "general you." Yes, they are not doing good business.
  16. huh????? ok, i dunno what each of you read into what i wrote, so let me spell it out to you..... means: Perhaps somebody who has been searching something specific on MP got very much fed up with thousands of gacha listings spamming the search results with irrelevant items (like what Alwin demonstrated) making it absolutely impossible to find what they were looking for. Maybe they got so frustrated and angry that they decided to take revenge on the entire gacha community and hired a hacker to start this attack on gacha resellers (see the Linden Assessment thread). That would totally not surprise me... care to explain what that even means?? what things are blamed? Whose customers? mine?? Alwin's? What does any of that have to do with me? Am i a gacha reseller? Maybe you need to read what is actually written instead of imagine what is written...
  17. /me wonders if the recent attack on the gacha resellers was perhaps some kind of retaliation from a disgruntled MP user...
  18. exactly. It clutters MY inventory, needlessly. I have 1500 or so items in my store. Say, 1 dress has 10 mesh body sizes in it. So there is already a folder in my inventory for demo of this item. If i put this folder of this demo (unboxed) on MP, too, it's 10 more items counted unnecessarily towards my inventory count, and they will always be there. You try the demo, and then you delete it. Problem solved, no unnecessary clutter in YOUR inventory. Me i can't, if i do what you suggest i have to keep them there for lazy people like you forever. x1500 items = 15000 absolutely unnecessary copies my inventory totally can do without. And sometimes there are up to 30 items in 1 demo, with all the variations and different parts for different mesh bodies, so 15000 items extra count is only a minimum example. So... NO.
  19. Elvina Ewing


    oh look, a Linden!! 👀 it's been a while...
  20. that's exactly why she is here on the Merchant forum in the first place. I think it is fairly obvious too. You will get used to it and stop noticing it eventually
  21. As a merchant you can only cash out a certain amount of USD per month. You can find your own trading limits here >> https://accounts.secondlife.com/lindex/economic_limits On this page it also says: " If the limits listed above don't meet your needs, you may request a review of your account to increase your limits. Include information about your needs. We'll review your request, and if appropriate create additional limits or make adjustments to the existing limits " So you cannot just sit and wait until you accumulate enough USD to cash out more than 5000$ in one go, to get some kind of withdrawal discount, because your limit to withdraw will most likely be less than that. Only if your store truly generates so much income that there is a need for you to withdraw more than 5000$ per month will LL consider to raise your withdrawal limits.
  22. at the rate this continues, soon there will be no business left to do at all, and i don't mean for SL merchants but for LL themselves. LL are sinking their own ship.
  23. Thank you for the translation!! Now it suddenly all becomes clear to me. I suggest all merchants brace themselves for what is to come next year. This year was only the beginning of it, the tip of the iceberg i fear... And in the end the ones who will end up paying for everything are the customers/shoppers. I am sure most (if not all) merchants will pass on any possible upcoming LL in-world fees to the customer. And if they don't, then so they should! So, playing SL will become more expensive. Which will make it even less attractive for the newcomers. The oldies who will not be able to afford the new prices will leave, too. If/when LL enforces this new fee system on all in-world sales the end of SL as we know it will be in sight.
  24. you sound like a frustrated Linden's alt.
  25. Is it really so hard to code in a notification for the affected merchants that their items have been unlisted, while your team keeps working on resolving the problem? I am sure that would make a huge difference to both the merchants AND LL in terms of lost sales. Because there might be merchants who don't even realized something has been unlisted...
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