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  1. @Callie Cline XD Um, no. Never. Although I run a business, I do have some integrity when it comes to the pocketbooks of my clientele. The extra that I'm paying is 2.5%. Anyone who doubles their prices doesn't understand math. 2.5% raise in product prices is more than reasonable.
  2. Actually, when comes to coding, Second Life Groups are similar to SQL and Oracle forums when it comes to storing notices, chats, and group activity. They keep it all on the servers. They take up massive amounts of valuable data. Especially very active groups like advertising groups and large store groups. I, for one, will not drop groups I paid to join. That might be something to consider if wanting to combat people dropping your group to get down below 35 slots.
  3. @Blueberryxx Right here. We've known these upgrades are coming for a while. My husband is a technical help desk specialist with a degree in network coding and explained this to me. A single network set up that can support just 10,000 forums costs over $200,000 USD. That's not even talking about the labor and manpower needed to run it - and Linden Labs has at least ten times that amount in groups. What they're talking about is a massive undertaking.
  4. I don't think that's what's being asked here. Linden Labs is a business, and as with any business, they need to be able to adjust their prices accordingly to afford upgrades, keep their business viable, and to move with inflation. The fact they haven't done this in a decade shocks me. They should have raised their prices at least three or four times by now. They are a company that's very conscious about their community. "Just shut up and take it" is very harsh. Most creators, myself included, understand the need to raise prices and to keep a business viable. I'm going to adjust my in world
  5. So... I'm not going to pretend to understand the entirety of the technical aspects of this decision. There are so many Basic accounts, the loss of group slots for Basic accounts far outweighs the amount that is being added to Premium accounts because there are so many more Basic subscribers than Premium. It makes sense if groups is such a heavy load to cut groups on Basic. However, it seems like a patch to fix what's really wrong - and that is that Linden coding, servers, and networking are outdated and need updating. They understand this is a problem - how do they fix it? With lots of money -
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