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  1. Yes, that is it. I can chat, tp to other places, but i can't just walk. I can't move. I need to tp, to be able to move around... I didn't try to sit on poses at all, but seems, i do have issues too
  2. Today i been trying on several of my avatars to log in. I been able to log in normally, everything rezzs fasts, and everything seems fine, except that... i cannot not move... even naked without any attachments, it feels like all my avatars are trapped like in some box... (imaginary one coz of course, there is no box!).. Anyone else experiencing this? It happen today to me.
  3. So i've been experiencing this problem since 3-4 days ago. Music on most SIM keeps going in and out while i am listening to it. I've been performing several tests on my connection, which lead me to believe that isn't an issue with my ISP provider, cause i been achieving maximum download/upload speeds as usual. I've been checking also for virus (but i been always protected and never had an issue with them before). I've asked other folks if they were experiecing something similar but no one seems to have the same issue, so i am not sure.. What's happening to me? Everything seems to be fine to me... I do play other games, download things as usual but just have problems in SL.
  4. Yes i did get that. But it doesn't helps much. It just does send you to support. It's not like you can 'block' the action. Anyways finally i managed to find a working number on Skype. The guy has been really nice to me, as i am Spanish and i had a hard time to spell my avatar name, so he even offered me his personal mail so i could send him my name. Solved my issue in less than 1 hour. I was really scared because this is the very first time ever an issue like this happened to me in 6 years. I checked malware, i checked for virus. I am 200% sure i never shared my account in any third-party site or any of my relateds. I guess this things happens more often everyday... I also noticed that whoever did this, tried to 'sell' 'buy' currency with my account with RL cash, im glad i had 0 on it Anyways, thank you all for your answer. And thanks LL, you proven me that your support service is fast, friendly and efficient
  5. The sad thing is that i am still logged in in this forum under my compromised Account (Sylvan Turbo)..... I can't log in now on the 'Account Management' anymore. Seriously why they don't have any sort of 'Security Answer or Question?' it would make accounts much safer...
  6. That Number doesn't exist for Spain sadly... I tried to use the 'Spanish Support' Phone Number, but they say in a very bad Spanish it doesn't exist anymore. Not sure if i can call to the other country support Phone Numbers from here...
  7. So i was playing like 1 hour ago. Then all of sudden my account "crashed". I couldn't get back in. Said my password was incorrect. I log in, and surprise, they changed my mail adress too. This account its 6 yeras old and i can't believe they have this **bleep**ty security. No security question, no double confirmation on mail. Anyways.... What should i do? For some reason i am still logged in the website with my Account (this account) and i can type under its name. If i try to fill a ticket, they will mail to the new mail that doesn't belongs to me... I need help please..
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